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M705 Defoliant Projector
Production information

Flame Thrower

Technical specifications

88cm long




Necros War


Long Range weapons




"The flamer rifles were hardcore man. Harsh against bunkers and critters but only a fucking head case would carry one. Jackal snipers figured if they could hit the fuel, the whole squad would go boom. We started staying away from the pyromaniacs after that."
―Corporal John 'Mustang' Asano


The M705 Defoliant Projector is a carbine format flame thrower. While its is, in name, a defoliant projector, its designed for close combat against enemy personnel. It uses Pyrosene-VI held under intense pressure and ignited by a nozzle mounted ignitor. It can hit any target within thirty meters and can ignite a target for up to fifty seconds. Its pressurized fuel cell holds enough fuel for twenty five seconds of continuous fire. It is highly effective against infantry and fortifications in close quarters, though unpopular due to its short range and the habit of the fuel cell violently exploding when the pierced by shrapnel or bullets. The weapon can be rearmed by changing out the fuel cell, which is attached by a self sealing swivel valve. A twist valve on the flamer regulates the flow of fuel, with a thumb switch ignites the nozzle burner. The pressurized fuel cell is released by squeezing the trigger and until it is released it will continually expel fuel.

The weapon has a number of tactical options, such as the ability of arching the weapon to a 45 degree angle, firing the ammo into the air and letting it descend to the ground, which can extended its range up to fifty meters, though this reduces its effectiveness against fortifications. Another option is 'Wet Shot' which can nozzle burner is switched off and the thick Pyrosene VI fuel is fired into the air, which mists. A subsequent burst with the nozzle burner on will ignite the fuel vapour, creating a fireball. Another tactical option is 'blind angle burst' where in built up areas, at close range, a flame burst can be bounced off walls to hit enemies around the corner.

The fuel is difficult to extinguish so without proper fire fighting support in built up areas with large amounts of flammable material, explosive material or kindling and burnable debris so the weapon must firstly be authorized for use then proper use must be monitored. Also, in environments with high oxygen content, it cannot be used.

UNSC Comments

"We flamed this Bravo-Kilo about two klicks outside of our encampment on Calistan . He just stood there, motionless while his ammo and grenades exploded, like some exploding statue. It was awesome, we just started tripping on it."

"Illegal. It should be illegal. We burned out fifteen kilos having their lunch at Kanna. Mother fuckers ran out, screaming, on fire. That's what they deserve."

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