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M72 Jaguar Small Unmanned Vehicle
Production information
Technical specifications

37.8 cm


34 cm


12.5 cm


3.2 kg


Necros War




The M72 Jaguar Small Unmanned Vehicle is a UNSC Drone.


Jaguar UGV a small, four wheeled, UGV. The robot is very rugged, and can be thrown over fences, up or down stairwells, from a moving vehicle at 75 kilometres per hour, or even from a third-story window. It doesn't matter how it lands because it can self right itself. However, it was not designed to drive up or down stairs on its own but was designed so that it could be carried up the stairway. It features a front optical, two phase thermal and night camera along with side cameras and rear camera.

It can be operated remotely or operate using its on CPU control. In CPU control it drives around, relaying images back to the operators HUD and onto the War Net but it can also go to sentry mode, where it uses audio and motion detectors to pick up motion from up to 15 meters away or it can be set to watch and observe, relaying images to the operator. The drone can track and plan it's forward route ahead of the assigned unit through the War Net and adjust it's reconnaissance parameters to provide the squad with information on enemy forces, linked through the War Net.

It is equipped with a small package carrier on the rear, ideal for carrying small payloads, such as data packets, paper files, messages, small amounts of munitions or medical supplies, spools of wire for communications or a small explosive payload. This payload is usually a block of C-14 Plastic Explosive, though has been commonly exchanged for bags of C-15 Liquid Explosive, a M382 SMACK for engaging enemy armour or in unusual circumstances, C-13 Gertex, for high power demolition by special forces. The unit can be detonated through any computer interface tied to it through the War Net. It can be remotely piloted through satellite uplink or radio transmission or be set to autonomously reach a prearranged target to detonate it, including the ability to track and destroy moving targets. It can be used to stealthily demolish buildings, bridges, tanks, produce smoke screens, destroy bunkers and create breaches in defences.

It carries on-board rechargeable and replaceable high strength lithium batteries that allow it to operate for a full day in sentry mode, or operate constantly for eight hours, while making little noise. The drone casing is made from hardened ballistic polycarbonate resin bonded to a titanium alluminide frame. This gives it limited resistance to direct fire. The tyres are constructed from carbon nanotube skeletons with inert gas inserts and are fitted to articulated suspension that gives it a smooth ride.

UNSC Remarks

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