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Deathstalker SPAAG
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun

Technical specifications

11 meters


67 tons

Maximum acceleration

0.5 meters per second squared

Engine Power

12 cylinder engine producing 1500 horse Power.


Heavy duty Titanium-ceramic plating with layers of AEGIS, laminate, carbon fibre and heat resistant materials. None Explosive Reactive Armour have been added also.

Sensor Systems
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Driver Night Vision System
  • Motion Trackers
  • Millimetre Wave RADAR
  • GPS
Targeting systems
  • Multispectrum Optical Sensors
    • Optical
    • UV
    • Thermal
    • Night Vision
  • Laser rangefinder
  • SATCOM Uplink
  • Driver/Gunner
  • Secondary Gunner



Anti-Aircraft Platform

  • Gremlin (USR)
  • Tenma (USR)
  • Onslaught (Machina)

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"This technology is six hundred years old but still blows the Foxtrot out of any fly boy that comes too close."
―Deathstalker gunner

The M809A Deathstalker Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun (Also know as the 'Stalker', 'The Israeli' and phonetically the 'Spag') was a heavily modified Scorpion MBT modified for anti aircraft warefare.

The first major refit of the Scorpion, the Deathstalker uses a Misriah 40mm autocannon in a quad set up, with a computer guidance system that can track air targets and target them without human input. The weapon, although computer controlled, can be taken off and put over to control of the driver, for use should the system malfunction or another, more darker reason. As of late, a growing trend with gunners is to use the guns as anti-infantry guns, the high explosive cluster bomb shells being potent anti infantry weapons.

The vehicle had to undergo several major changes, with the chassis having to be lengthened by a meter and widened by a meter to accomodate the large quad gun. The gun itself is selfloading with a magazine of eight hundred rounds in a interior drum magazine. The turret houses the target acquisition millimetre wave RADAR, LIDAR, laser range finder and optical sites.

The rounds are 'Smart Shots', a new round with a motion sensor implanted in the rear of the warhead. Taking up only a thin section with the actual motion sensor and detonator, should it pick something up outside of its trajectory, it detonates, sending explosive, rocket propelled flechettes and shrapnel, causing more damage than initial or potential impact. Should it be on course for impact, in explodes on contact with its target, sending flechettes through it.


During the mid-phases of the Necros war, as part of Project ARTEMIS, which involved a number of lethality upgrades to a wide range of UNSC vehicles and weapons, the M809A was upgraded to carry four rail guns. Using technology developed from Necros electromagnetic technology, the railguns can achieve a rate of fire that matches the autocannons they replaced. Combined with an array of deadly slugs, including the new KUSANAGI munition.

UNSC Remarks

"Great for hitting ground support aircraft but you might as well throw sticks and stones at fighters"

"Ever seen one of these shoot at infantry? We were taking on Pirates over at Kanna and we were supporting the infantry going in. Some pirates tried to rush us, stupid bastards. We turned the guns on them. We never got a kill count, too many bits and pieces, nobody wanted to put them all together."

"Squadron of pirate Banshees versus one of these things driving about. Sweetest thing i ever saw. Five of them in pieces in as many seconds."


Whichever idiot wrote the Halo Encyclopaedia stole the M809 and renamed it the M808B2 Sun Devil. What a knave.


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