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Scorpion ARRV
Scorpion AVVE
Production information

Masver-Tor Engineering


Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle

Technical specifications

10 meters


67 tons

Maximum acceleration

0.5 meters per second squared

Engine Power

2 12 cylinder engines generating 1500 HP each.


Heavy duty Titanium-ceramic plating with layers of AEGIS, laminate, carbon fibre and heat resistant materials. None Explosive Reactive Armour have been added also.

Sensor Systems
  • Target Acquisition and Designation System, Driver Night Vision System
  • Motion Trackers
  • Millimetre Wave RADAR
  • GPS
Targeting systems
  • Multispectrum Optical Sensors
    • Optical
    • UV
    • Thermal
    • Night Vision
  • Laser rangefinder
  • SATCOM Uplink
  • Driver
  • Crane Operator
  • Commander


  • Field Recovery
  • Field Repair

Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"I once heard one of these things hauled a Elephant outta a ditch!"
―Anonymous Marine

The M808G Scorpion ARRV (also know as the 'Hauler' and phonetically as the 'Arvee') is a specialised version of the Scorpion tank, made especially for the field repair and recovery of broken down vehicles, specifically tanks. The M808G Scorpion ARRV has removed both the turrets and these have been replaced by two high powered winches on the rear boogies and a crane in place of the turret. The front boogies carry large metal shielding for the support engineers, often armed with welders, shovels and other engineering equipment. At the front it possess a hydraulic dozer blade on each end with a scarifier for digging into hard surfaces to become a stabilizer blade, capable of giving it greater lifting weight and also move debris away. It packs a second, highly improved engine, taking up space formerly used by the turret, to give it greater power, along with the crane which uses a liquid metal hydraulics made famous by the MJOLNIR armour, now cheaper to make and use because of new technologies. It is easily capable of lifting and or pulling free a damaged or stuck Scorpion tank, along with even dragging a broken down Elephant. It also has an equipment storage, with spare ceramic and titanium plating to replace damaged ones on vehicles.

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