Terminal This article, M850 B Snow Hog, was written by Dennis Powers and Spartan 501. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.
Hog of the Snow Dawg!
M850 B Snow Hog
Production information

Cold Assault Warthog

Technical specifications



1 Pilot, 1 Side Seater




Snow Scout


UNSC, UNSC Fearless


The M850 B Snow Hog was a variant of Warthog used by the UNSC armed forces during the UNSC-Covenant War. It was created to better serve the cold assault forces on the UNSC by offering them a better cold fighting model. It had treads instead of wheels, as well as an enclosed cab. It did not have a turret, though it was sometimes modified so. It was capable of higher speed in the snow, as well as increased traction. It was not widely fielded, thought the UNSC Fearless did have several on board. It was used from 2510 to 2560, when it was replaced by the M864 Warthog Difficult Terrain Vehicle. It was not suitable for desert enviroments, as it overheated to easily.

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