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Snow Hog
M864 Warthog Difficult Terrain Vehicle
Production information
Product line



Difficult Terrain Variant


Light Reconnaissance Vehicle

Technical specifications

6.1 meters (20 feet)


3 meters (9.75 feet)


3.2 meters (10.5 feet)


3 metric tons (3.25 tons)


Ballistic polycarbonate, titanium triplex plates, AEGIS-filled resin aggregate with heat resistant kevelar layer and ablative resin.



  • Driver (1)
  • Passenger(s)
Minimum crew
  • Driver
  • Passengers (4)
  • Recconaisance
  • Anti-Vehicular/Anti-Air platform/Anti-Infantry
  • Transport

Necros War




"Neither rocks, nor dirt, nor snow and ice shall stop this old 'Hog!"
―Anonymous Marine

The M864 Warthog Difficult Terrain Vehicle, affectionately called the Tread Hog, Sand Hog or Snow Hog (the latter two dependent on terrain), is a Warthog variant used in environments with extreme terrain, such as deserts or snowy mountains. It was not put into major use until 2562, during Covenant Remnant skirmishes.


The purpose of the Tread Hog is to allow for easier transport through icy and snowy variants. Instead of wheels, it was given treads to give better traction and speedier movement across such terrains. The turret has been removed, and the back bed of the Tread Hog is empty, allowing space for three troops. The cab section is enclosed by glass, to keep out snow or sand and some of the cold or heat. As for positions, the position of driver is like that of all Warthog models, with the only purpose being to drive the vehicle. The driver has no forms of attack except ramming enemies with the Warthog itself, which instantly kills an enemy on foot when the correct speed and direction and used. The shotgun seat is perhaps the most difficult spot to use effectively, as it is extremely difficult to aim at nearby enemies while the Warthog is in motion. The main use the passenger seat serves is transporting heavily armed troops, such as those with Rocket Launchers. In stead of a gunner position, the Tread Hog has room for three passengers in the back. Though the position has the best advantage for firing weapons, this seat is also the most dangerous, due to the likelihood that you can fall off. Also, a brace is usually needed to fire a heavy weapon.

UNSC Remarks

"This thing sure does make travel in the snow a whole let easier. You ever tried driving a regular 'hog on ice? You're just as likely to flip it over as you are to make it across."

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