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UNSC tractor unit
M874 Buffalo Heavy Support Vehicle
Production information


Technical specifications






  • Titanium outerplate
  • Polycarbonate lining
  • Nanotube plating

PALADIN Weapon Station

  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • 4
  • Support
  • Personal Transport

Necros War




The M874 Buffalo Heavy Support Vehicle, or Buffalo, is a vehicle used by the UNSC. The vehicle has been used by the UNSC since the Insurrection and has seen continual upgrades to see continued service.


The Buffalo is a large vehicle, heavily modified from a civilian 18-wheeler's diesel cab. The cab features slate armour plating, reinforced windows with armoured slats, a four man passenger/sleeper cab behind it and a remote weapon station for the weapon mounted on the roof.

The Buffalo articulation point can be used to tow a variety of trailers. It can tow a closed trailer, a flatbed trailer capable of carrying cargo containers as well, a trailer containing the M5334 Shortbow ASAT Launcher, a powered trailed with a crane, a tanker trailer with self cleaning facilities that can transport water, hydrogen, jet fuel, ship fuel and pressurized gases, a specialised trailer for carrying armoured vehicles and a trailer for loading and unloading naval craft, complete with crane and sea launcher.

The vehicle is used for logistical purposes to the rear of battle lines, where attack is unlikely, but none the less possible. As such, it is prepared for such an event. The vehicle also has the capacity to go offroad, though this is limited.


UNSC Remarks

"It's really useful when you're in need of some major rearmament. This thing rolls in and you got yourself a whole armory at your disposal."

"The Bison variant's not that bad of an APC, but I really prefer others over it."

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