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M9090 concept
M909 Special Applications Scoped Rifle
Production information

Misriah Armory


Anti-matérial rifle

Technical specifications
  • Length: 1963 mm
  • Width: 80mm
Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

10 round detatchable box magazine

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

5.4mm tungsten carbide slugs

Rate of Fire

1.5 rps; Muzzle Velocity: 11,562 m/s



  • Maximum Effective Powered Range: 7,000m

Post Human-Covenant War


Close ranges weapons

  • Interspecies Union
    • UNSC

The M909 Special Applications Scoped Rifle, also known as the Javelin, was a specialised semi-automatic anti-matériel rifle, utilising an exotic magnetic acceleration system.



The original M909. Long, cumbersome, and heavy, this was primarily a test to see if the technology would work.


A bullpup variant of the M909 that significantly reduced the length. Advanced polymers reduced the weight and made it more compact.


The barrel of the sniper has a smooth-bore barrel to provide for the APFSDS round, and is nearly two meters long for accuracy. Exotic materials coat the inner lining of the barrel to minimize friction and maximize muzzle velocity.

In order to propel the round to extreme distances, the Javelin has a plugin that allows it to draw on energy from the fusion cores of MJOLNIR or ODST Trident Armor. This energy powers magnetic coils that rapidly accelerate the round to incredible speeds, allowing it to achieve the ranges it is renowned for.

Modifications to MJOLNIR and Trident armor allow the sniper to be powered through the gauntlets, with electrical pads placed on the grips along the Javelin. Fortunately, specially conductive materials have been laced throughout the weapon, allowing the armor to power it no matter where it is touch, although at a slightly reduced rate.

Unfortunately the need for a sufficient power source limits the use of this sniper, as regular Marines do not have access to the proper energy source.


The Javelin is equipped with an M70 Olympiad Scope, which has four zoom settings (3x, 8x, 12x, and 20x) and a rangefinder that can range a target at up to twenty kilometers.

4.5mm Round

The Javelin uses a 4.5mm tungsten carbide/depleted uranium slug. The round is 48% depleted uranium, which aided in its armour piercing qualities. At three kilometers a single Javelin round was able to penetrate twenty centimeters of tank armor. A classified mechanism causes the bullet to deform on impact with organic material, preventing overpenetration and magnifying area effect and secondary damage properties considerably.