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M94 Body Suit
Production History
Designed by

N.J. Tansig et al.


February 2630-Janurary 2631


March 5th, 2631 (FROSTY PEAK)


Traxus Heavy Industries



Protection from

Ballistic, kinetic, and directed energy weaponry


UNSC Defense Force


The M94 Body Suit was a model of infantry armor designed specifically for the United Nations Space Command Orbital-Drop Shock Troopers. It was the bold replacement for the short-lived M93 Body Suit, the likes of which had only lasted seven years. Often considered to be a mix between the body suit of the Human-Covenant War, the suit was first used in Operation: FROSTY PEAK in 2631 and remained in common use for more than a hundred years with twelve major iterations and a dozen alternative makes.

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