80px-Halopediaicon-gradient.png This is a fanon expansion of a canon element. To see the original canon article, follow the link to Halopedia: MA5K Carbine.
MA5K Assault Carbine
MA5K Assault Carbine
Production information




Technical specifications

Handheld, Two Handed

  • Length: 73 cm
Magazine Size

45 Rounds

Maximum Ammunition

360 Rounds

Fire Mode


Ammunition Type

7.62mm rounds


gas system

Rate of Fire

High, Fully Automatic, Climbs longer trigger is held, 16 rps at maximum rate


High when fired semi, medium when on full automatic


Short to Medium Range


Human Covenant War




A highly usable and deft commando weapon, the MA5K was the weapon of choice for the Spartan IIIs, as well as many fighter pilots and commando soldiers.


The MA5K is a cut-down variant of the standard MA5B Assault Rifle. The weapon is lighter and easier to carry than larger assault weapons, allowing for easier use. It features a stripped-down design that appears almost skeletal, as well as vaguely similar to the BR55 Battle Rifle.

The MA5K is used almost exclusively for commando operations. It is highly favored because of it's light frame, which allows for quick manuvering and a less visible profile, as well as it lighter aural signature, which helps in commando missions. The MA5K is the successor of the MA2B Assault Rifle, and several similarities can be found.


MA5Ks were not often used for front line duties due to their lowered stopping power, but they were used by the Spartan IIIs from 2531 to 2552. In addition, many comandos and high level pilots enjoyed the weapon, commandos for the reasons noted above, and pilots becuase it's small size was more practical in the enclosed cockpit of the fighters they used.

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