Not to be confused with MA7K Assault Rifle.

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Production information

Misriah Armories and ArmaLite


Bullpup carbine


3,4563 cR.

Technical specifications

Two-handed, handheld

Damage Per Hit

High to Very High

Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition


Fire Mode

Single-fire, three-round burst (default), and full auto

Ammunition Type

7.58mm rounds


Gas system

Rate of Fire





Short to medium long range


Human-New Covenant War


Type-64 Rifle


UNSC, Old Covenant (Covenant Separatists)


The MA7K Carbine began to be produced in 2557. It is similar to the MA5K Carbine, except instead of a reduced stopping power, it has a highly increased stopping power. It was widely used during the Human-New Covenant War, where UNSC Navy, Marines, Army, and some Air Force, SpecOps, and BlackOps troops wielded it.


The MA7K Carbine is a gas-powered carbine, and is quite powerful. Its design is "copied" off of the MA5K's with most of the same modules and accessories. Instead of the 7.62x51mm NATO round that the MA5K carbine has, the MA7K has 7.58x61mm UNSC-made rounds to be fired.

It has a soft grip, making the wielder easy to feel like the "power of the battlefield." It has a Picatinny-like rail with an electronic ammo counter, and an optional add-on Trijicon ACOG scope. The barrel can also be switched with a DMR barrel for far range shooting, or for a shorter-than-default barrel for CQC. The MA7K is a very flexible weapon.


One of the MA7K carbine's main advantages was its three selections: semi-automatic/single-fire, three-round burst, and full automatic. This could allow it to perform a number of tasks, such as putting on a longer barrel to snipe with and a sniper scope, and switching it to 3RB or S-A. At close quarters, the DMR barrel could be taken off, replaced by either the CQC barrel or the default barrel.

It is best at medium-close range, where it can easily incapicitate any opponent.

The MA7K has a number of accessories inside that can allow it to "flex" and adjust to the environment, such as in water, in zero-G/in space, or above ground or even underground.

The MA7K is also very lightweight, making it easy to carry around on low-profile stealth-clandestine/covert missions.


One of the MA7K carbine's disadvantages is that its recoil was a little to overpowering if too much full auto rounds were fired. Another disadvantage is the designated marksman gun barrel does not come with a sound suppressor or flash suppressor, making it a not-very-good DM rifle. However, if you bought extra suppressors, you could cover this up.

The barrel has to be cleaned every 13,500 rounds, and after only 25,350 rounds, it has to be removed and replaced with a fresh barrel.

The MA7K's melee attack is not very developed, unlike the MA9B ICWS Assault Rifle's melee attack.


Most SpecOp soldiers, such as SPARTAN-G052 or SPARTAN-B164 use the MA7K in general combat situations or covert/stealth missions. Some Old Covenant (Covenant Separatists) also use the MA7K to their own leisure. The Covenants have their own type of MA7K, nicknamed "The Big Baby" by UNSC troops, because of its larger size than the human MA7K and its ability to shoot farther and its powerful melee attack.