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"They came out of no-where, fuckin' green giant of doom! Those Sierra's blasted the Remnants into pulps before disappearing into thin air, without a word! I bet those suits have something to do with those Sierra's being almost invincible"
―Unknown UEG citizen

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour
Production History
Designed by

Doctor Catherine Halsey


April 2nd 2568


June 13rd 2569


Misriah Armoury


540 kilograms




The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour Mark VII is the seventh and final version of the MJOLNIR Power Assault Armour. The suit was issued to the Fourth Generation of Sierra's and the remaining Gamma Sierra's on June 13rd 2569, replacing the Mark VI that had been in current use.



Update from Mark VI

Armour Variants

C Variant

V Variant

EOD Variant

S Variant

R Variant

B Variant

G Variant

FJ/PARA Variant

CQC Variant

HAZOP Variant

AA Variant

OP Variant

L Variant

H Variant

G Variant

Armour Components

Specialized Armour Components

Tier-16 Complete Active Camouflage

Tier-34 External Energy Shielding Generator

Tier-12 Holographic Generator

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