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The MOIRA is a piece of USR equipment.


The MOIRA (Mine Ordnance Installation and Removal Apparatus) is used for both mine laying and removal purposes. An oval platform with anti-grav movement systems, it has only three major parts: the small power core on the left side, completely encased in armor for protection, the mine-laying system, attached to the back with two mine storage tubes on either side, and the mine-removal device, a cannon that launches three small energy projectors attached by plasma cords (similar to a bola), with each orb also connected to the cannon by a second plasma cord, and once it lands, it activates a super-heated energy shield that encompasses all the area between the cords, causing all the mines to explode.

UNSC Remarks


  • Moira is Greek for destiny, which is a synoym of karma, which is related to the soul. This means that it is still fitting with the Covenant spirit theme, though it's quite stretched.
  • This piece of technology was originally created by User:Lordofmonsterisland
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