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Ion rifle
MX12 Directed Ion Energy Rifle
Production information



Directed Ion Rifle

Technical specifications


Damage Per Hit


Magazine Size

Three pulses

Ammunition Type

Compressed Hydrogen gas/plasma core

Rate of Fire

1 pulse per seven seconds


variable upon line of sight, planet curvature, atmospheric conditions, 3km max


Necros War




"This is ma frien' teh death ray. You piss my death ray off, he'll blow a hole through you. Don't think hiding in your APC is gonna help, he says snuff and he'll blow open your armoured baby carriage and screw about with its 'tronics. This lil' bitch don't take no prisoners."
―Lance Corperal Malcom Evans

The MX12 Directed Ion Energy Rifle is a UNSC energy weapon. The weapon fires a particle beam of ionised atoms that creates significant kinetic damage and secondary electromagnetic after effects.


The weapon ionizes hydrogen gas by either stripping an electron off of each hydrogen atom, or by allowing each hydrogen atom to capture an extra electron. When hydrogen gains electrons it forms anions. The weapon accelerates anions uses a traveling wave type particle accelerator. In this kind of ion accelerator, the negative ions are released inside a cylindrical ion acceleration chamber. This chamber has an electrode with an alternating electric charge of up to 1,000,000,000 (109) volts inside it. While the charge on the electrode is positive, the ions are attracted to the negative charge on the electrode, and thus bunched around it.

The alternating voltage switches the charge to negative on the accelerating electrode. The negative charge electrostatically repels the negative ions and accelerates them to near the velocity of light. The resulting high energy beam of anions passes through a chamber filled with low pressure gas. There, collisions withthe gas strip the extra electrons from the anions, and thus make the particle beam neutral. The particle beam proceeds straight to its target, and damages it by running into it, and by disrupting the structure of the target with its kinetic energy. The weapon has the background effect of Electromagnetic Radiation.


The weapon is used primarily as a experimental anti vehicle weapon. While actually incapable of severely damaging heavily armoued vehicle, against lighter vehicles it is extremely effective. Due to its hitscan nature it can only miss through human error and can punch holes in the thin armour of enemy light vehicles, destroying internal systems. The background EM effect further renders these vehicles useless as the initial beam will have punched a hole through any EM protection systems.

This weapon isn't issued to regular forces, instead being issued to special forces weapon specialists, being used to defeat and disable enemy armour, making it especially useful for pursuit and capture. It also serves well as a long range anti-materiel weapon and as a anti-power armour weapon, being useful for disabling the shielding of heavy infantry and disabling power armour.

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