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Dual-Purpose Grenade
Production information

Misriah Armoury


MX6 Dual Purpose Grenade



Technical specifications

Necros War




The MX6 Dual Purpose Grenade, also called the Dual-Purpose Grenade or the "Traitor" Grenade by some, is a UNSC hand grenade adopted from captured Covenant technology.


The Dual-Purpose Grenade is essentially a UNSC version of the Plasma Grenade, based on technology captured during the Human-Covenant War. Encased in a regulation military OD green casing instead of the original Covenant blue, the MX6 is much the same internally. In lieu of the original button activation a pull-ring has been added, but activation time is the same, as are the explosive properties. However the Dual-Purpose Grenade lacks the Plasma Grenade's ability to stick to things.

The slight EMP pulse of the original Plasma Grenade remains, making this weapon useful against electronics and vehicles, but due to its minimal shrapnel output, its usefulness as an AP weapon is dubious.

UNSC Remarks

"No stickies!?!"

"If it pumped out more shrapnel, had a better shockwave, or could stick to things I'd use it more, but I'd rather capture stickies and use those, than muck around with this thing."

"That EMP will stop a Ghost dead in its tracks if you time it right."

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