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40px-Terminal.png This article, MYRMIDON-036, was written by H3. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
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Myrmidon 036, real name Tobias, is known for his affinity for guns, he is meticulous about their care and maintenance. He won’t even use a gun, even for practice, until he has a chance to disassemble it and check its internals for himself.

Technical Bio

SPARTAN-MYR036, known by the name of Tobias, is a Myrmidon special warfare operator of UNSC Special Warfare Group SPARTAN (SPECWAR SPARTAN), attached to the UNSC Special Operations Command (UNSCSOCOM), UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence, and the UNSC Progressive Warfare Division (PROGWARDIV).

Physical Augmentation

MYR036 was given the same augmentation as the other Myrmidons, but he was born premature, the treatments continued, with some modifications. The only known side effect of this is OCD like symptoms.

Combat training

MYR036 was put through the normal rigourious Myrmidon training, though he excelled in close quarters combat, and moved into more specialized training, where he learned not only hand to hand combat, but the use of a machete like sword.

He makes extensive use of the M91 Close Assault Weapon System, manufactured by HRV Armament Company, he mostly uses the standard flechette shot, but will also use other rounds depending on the mission.

Personal Bio

After being born premature, Tobias was given a more specialized treatment as he entered the Myrmidon program; he resented the extra attention, and grew to be very cold and harsh. He feels the need to “prove himself” to make up for the years of what he feels to believe was codling.

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