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Machina Resistance
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Dark Scion

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Machina Federation

Machina Resistance

The Machina Resistance engaging some of the Machina army.


The begining of the resistance was when Drakford Ko (aka Dark Scion) started to declare that the Cyberisation Law was unfair since it never truly offered the choice to become fully organic, thus began the Organic Choice Movement. At first, the Movement did not gain much support, but soon a massive coalition soon emerged and roared through various forms of media. When the Machina Government started to see this as a threat, they sent a small attack force to eliminate the "Rebels". Most of the Movement supporters were killed, leaving behind only 30 percent of them. The survivors realized that the only way to truly achieve the Movement's Aim was to turn themselves into full a Machina Frame and fight back.


The tactics of the Resistance are like that of other resistance groups in the past, primarily using guerrilla warfare and sabotage. The Machina Resistance wants to severely weaken the Machina army so they can fight them on even terms. But despite the fact that they are a resistance group they are an able fighting force but lack the numbers to win major battles.


The resistance is poorly equipped compared to the Machina govenrment, but are still able to fight. Their weapons are standard, but they lack any kind of vehicles and often have to use technicals.


The resistance's ranking system is not very advanced but is composed of simple military ranks. These ranks are:

  • 1.General
  • 2.Commander
  • 3.Bodyguard
  • 4.Lieutenant
  • 5.Sergeant
  • 6.Grunt

Known Members

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