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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, Leo Fox, Lordofmonsterisland, Sonasaurus, and StoneGhost.

Did You Know?

Did you know...

  • ...that an Insurrectionist leader was able to temporarily steal a NOVA bomb?
  • ...that the Siege of Fargad stalled the Covenant advance into the Inner Colonies despite being a UNSC defeat?
  • ...that UNSC Leander single-handedly evacuated almost 50,000 civilians from Tribute?
  • ...that the BLU-386 'Baby Blue' uses an explosive compound made from tungsten, that limits its blast radius without reducing its lethality?
  • ...that the 10th Shock Troops Battalion is one of the most-decorated UNSC special forces units in existence?

Writer of the Year 2013: Stellar Elite
Lion El'Jonson

Winner of the 2013 Best SPARTAN, Best Sangheili Character, and Best Collaboration award.

Hello! Doug here, or Stellar Elite, Stel, the once-tragically mispelled Stel' Vadam, as you all know me. Joined merry ol' HF several years ago and am currently working on AAO. Given I've finally answered the dreaded prophecy that led me back to where I started my writing shenanigans, I've started actually doing something again.

I have trekked many places in my time and decided to finally come back to Halo Fanon after, what, I wonder? That I might escape the coming Anyway, I came back due to Sona bugging me about it, and then having an epiphany that, wow! These are people who actually give two shits about me! I'm a very honest and headfirst man, so I might put you off if I know you're an unsavory type. But you have nothing to fear if you're a good guy or girl. Allow me to welcome you to Halo Fanon, and hope you enjoy your time here! ...unless you're a vandal or a troll. Then I'm just gonna stick my foot up your rear.

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Mythic Article of the Year: Melissa McKay by Sonasaurus
Melissa McKay

First Lieutenant Melissa McKay was an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper and a Marine officer serving under the 22nd Battalion of the 105th Shock Troops Division. She is notable for her actions in the battles in the middle to end years of the Human-Covenant War, having carried out her duties with a selflessness that many of her fellow Helljumpers widely admired her for. For much of her military career, she worked with many heroic individuals such as Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, Captain Jacob Keyes, and Gunnery Sergeant Roy Koel. In the final years of her service, she served under Major Antonio Silva as well as her battalion's commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Lorente.

In 2550, McKay was given the rank of Captain and served briefly as the 22nd Battalion's adjutant until May 2552, when she disobeyed orders during an operation on Mamore and was consequently demoted to the rank of First Lieutenant. Lorente and Silva's next-in-command, Captain Mizuki Katsumawa, were both Killed In Action during the Battle of Reach, and McKay assumed the position of executive officer under Silva's command. She was with the members of the 22nd Battalion that escaped Reach on board the UNSC Pillar of Autumn towards the end of the battle.

McKay played a major tactical role in the ODSTs' operations during the Battle of Installation 04 and was tasked with a commanding role that would have under normal circumstances exceeded her authority. Nonetheless, she performed well due to her previous military experience and her own skills as both a tactician and a field officer. She led numerous successful operations over the course of four days on Installation 04, including the capture of a Covenant-held Forerunner butte as well as the commandeering of the Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser Truth and Reconciliation.

McKay was killed when she deliberately crashed the Truth and Reconciliation onto the surface of Installation 04, believing that Silva had become blinded with the prospect of glory in bringing the Flood-infested ship back to Earth and that he was unaware of the dangers of doing so. She died with every surviving member of the 22nd Battalion along with all hands on board, shortly before the destruction of Installation 04. Six months after her death, McKay's heroic efforts were recognized with her being posthumously awarded the Silver Star medal at the Voi Memorial on March 3rd, 2553.

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Legendary Article: Saulosian • Heroic Article: Special Proficiency, Assault, Recon and Tactical Augmented Nonconventional-force, Fourth Generation Program

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Fanon of the Month — May 2014: The Grey Rebellion
Grey Rebellion Symbol
"The Covenant is heresy!"
―Popular phrase used by the Grey Rebellion

The Grey Rebellion was an insurrectionist movement which occurred approximately five hundred and fifty years before the beginning of the Human-Covenant War and was headed by former Fleet Master Kyrin 'Forus.

The Rebellion was significant enough in the Covenant Empire to usher in the 29th Age of Conflict due to the entirety of the 2nd Fleet of Undying Justice, under the command of Kyrin 'Forus, breaking off from the Covenant as a whole and becoming an independent entity. This schism was signified by the removal of rank colours and ornaments, where the name Grey Rebellion originated from.

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Good Articles: Operation: BLUE NIGHTS

Given the often disturbingly broad reach and historically secretive nature of the Office of Naval Intelligence, it is no surprise that the powerful agency has, at times, exceeded the mandates set out before it by the civilian government and the rest of the conventional military establishment. Traditionally, ONI Section III, the Top Secret Projects division of the agency, has been plagued by a myriad of conflicting groups, factions, and cliques, with competing projects and agendas; these groups, in order to achieve their own independent goals, would often circumvent the laws and moral ethics of conventional wisdom, both with and without the approval of ONI leadership. While the outbreak and widespread devastation of the Human-Covenant War would provide the rationalization for some of these illicit schemes, other projects and operations would be conducted before, during, and after the war with few or no justifiable reasons--and often times, with the sole intention of furthering and hiding the agendas of key ONI members.

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