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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, and Lordofmonsterisland.

Did You Know?

Did you know...

  • ...that Diana and Juno were twin "smart" AIs derived from the living brain of Adeline Harding?
  • ...that prior to the Theta Delta Ambush, a UNSC evacuation fleet evaded a pursuing Covenant fleet by slipspacing around a star, with only one casualty?
  • ...that the MD-91 Condor can theoretically fire on fifty different targets at the same time?
  • ...that the M780 SPMG is affectionately known as the 'Growler' for the sound it produces when firing?
  • ...that Second Base faced a huge population boom, due to rumors about riches on the planet?

Writer of the Year 2016: Sev40

Winner of the 2016 Best Organisation/Legendary Article award.

Hey guys. As you can probably tell, my alias is Sev40. I've been a big halo fan since the first game came out more than a decade ago. Being the rebel I am, I stole the game out of my parents room and did a gaming marathon where I tried (and failed) to complete the game on Normal in a single night. Nevertheless, I was blown away by the visuals, the AI, the levels - everything about the game led me to become a halo fanatic.

Of course, it wasn't until much, much later that I started to get deeply involved with the universe that surrounded it, and I began to read the books and Halopedia. Eventually, as I waited for the next Halo game to come out, I began to write books and play around with ship ideas that might exist in the Halo Universe, and even cross-overs with other universes. Of course, these were all done before I ever found Halo Fanon, and now I'm glad I'm here.

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Previous recipients: Minuteman 2492 (2015) • Brodie-001 (2014) • Stellar Elite (2013) • Actene (2012) • Sonasaurus (2011)

Mythic Article of the Year: Cassandra-G006 by Actene
"I'm broken. I think we all are, us Spartans. We're trained to fight, raised to live on the battlefield and nowhere else. I know a thousand ways to patch up a human body and three thousand ways to destroy it. It's so much easier to take a life than it is to save one. But I can do both. That's who I am. It's what they made me. It's the cross I have to bear, and I carry it willingly. All I can do is pray that in the end I save more lives than I take."

Cassandra-G006 was a SPARTAN-III commando from Gamma Company who was raised and augmented as a child supersoldier during the final years of the Human-Covenant War. Although she was noted for having poor combat scores during training, she was made remarkable by her innate talent as a field medic and was considered the best practitioner of combat medicine ever produced by the Spartan program. Despite her skills, her first squad was wiped out by the Covenant and she was transferred to Team Jian. Later, she would become an unwilling deserter when she was caught up in the traitor Simon-G294's efforts to elude UNSC forces. Instead of continuing the fight with her former teammate, Cassandra instead chose to use the opportunity presented by Simon's rebellion to strike out and find a life outside of the military system she had been raised in. More self-aware than many of her fellow Spartans, Cassandra clearly recognizes what has been done to her and her friends by the UNSC's indoctrination and training; she hopes to one day reconcile her existence as a Spartan with her desire to live at peace rather than war.

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Legendary Article: Delta Company • Heroic Articles: Aleksandra Zaytseva and Sirona (Groombridge 1618 b)

Good Articles: MD-91 Condor
Condor Dropship

The MD-91 Condor is a heavy combat dropship used by the UNSC for close air support missions usually too dangerous for the Pelican or Merlin-class Dropships. The Condor is well known for flying at low altitude with all weapons firing on multiple targets for highest fire effect.

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Fanon of the Month — March 2017: Jez 'Varum
Jez 'Varum

There are many tales of great Sangheili of the Covenant Empire, fighting their enemy for the honor of the Covenant and their own race. However, a few tales are not considered to be part of them. A few tales of certain individuals whose tremendous work has gone unnoticed in the tales of other Sangheili. They say of an individual who had led the Covenant to victory in many battles, determined to uphold the Empire's glory, but ultimately resulting in the noble Sangheili breaking away from the Covenant and fighting against it. The tale of Jez 'Varum is one of these. Some thought he was a great hero, others thought he was a devil in disguise, an enemy to the Sangheili and the Covenant in general. But out of all, he was just a Sangheili who was betrayed by the very empire he had deep devotion towards.

Born in the densely-populated urban areas of Qikost, Jez was from his childhood very interested in the Covenant Empire. Even though his ancestors were not in the military, Jez left his family's tradition and instead joined the Covenant. He was noted to be very effective and skilled at sword-to-sword combat, something only a few Sangheili were expert at. His expert sword fighting skills granted him with the honorific rank of a Zealot, in search for Covenant artifacts. But his life took a reverse turn when the Covenant accused him of being with the heretics, kicking him out of the Covenant for him to die. Enraged, he took an oath to fight the Covenant to his dying breath after learning of its true secrets.

In order to get his revenge, Jez allied himself with the ones he had slaughtered before, the Heretics and started involving in hit-and-run attacks. In one of these hit-and-run attacks did Jez find his ship, the Tenacious Esteem. He continued to use it until he heard of the Sangheili breaking away from the Covenant. Jez then joined the Sangheili, then called as the Covenant Separatists and later as the Swords Of Sanghelios, and aided them in their war against the Covenant Loyalists until the Covenant finally dissolved in 2552.

Since then, Jez had been a member of Swords of Sanghelios, while also conducting his own operations too. While the Varum state was completely remade and brought back to its pre-Clan war stage, Jez had opted to not be the Kaidon of the keep, instead giving the title to his brother, Ceb 'Varum.

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