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About Halo Fanon
Halo Fanon is a community wiki dedicated for any fan fiction created by fans of the Halo franchise! The wiki was created on January 11, 2007 by RelentlessRecusant and H*bad.

The wiki is currently administrated by Actene, Ahalosniper, Ajax 013, Brodie-001, and Lordofmonsterisland.

Did You Know?

Did you know...

  • ...that an Insurrectionist leader was able to temporarily steal a NOVA bomb?
  • ...that Operation: VORAUSSICHT hunted rogue ONI agents who commited crimes against humanity during the Human-Covenant War?
  • ...that the UNSC Furious Five was a refitted frigate, meant to be a transport ship, and was being decommissioned by 2525, only 25 years into its service?
  • ...that the M12 SOC carries 64 rounds in every magazine?
  • ...that Project INDIGO and Project INDIGO-II recruited Spartan II and III outside of the usual chains of command?

Writer of the Year 2014: Brodie-001

Winner of the 2014 Best SPARTAN, Best UNSC Personnel Character, and Best Collaboration award.

The name's Brodie. I stumbled upon this site one day back in August 2010, and since then, I have found an outlet for my many, many Halo characters, stories, battles and so on. As a Bureaucrat, I'm active on here most days, either adding to my articles, lurking, or sitting on the IRC. I've been on the site for over three years now, and I'm always ready to lend a hand to newer users. Feel free to explore and check out my work below, any questions can be directed to my talk page.

Halo is probably my favourite sci-fi franchise; I've been playing it since I was very young. I joined the site in the summer of 2010 during the pre-Halo: Reach hype, and since then have written several stories of reasonable length, as well as creating a short story collection based around my characters. While I used to just keep my head down and work on my own articles, I have begun to be more active in the community, through RP's, the IRC and other projects. Many of my ideas from when I arrived on this site originated from one of many machinima projects I planned in the past

Personality wise, I generally attempt to be courteous to other users, be it here or elsewhere on the interwebs. I'm happy to help any users who need assistance to the best of my ability, largely on matters of canon-friendliness or just regarding story writing in general. Currently, I am planning a number of stories for the Sigmaverse, something that by my estimate will take a few years to complete. With any luck I'll be around on this site for years to come. Well, that's just about it.

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Previous recipients: Stellar Elite (2013) • Actene (2012) • Sonasaurus (2011) • Maslab (2010) • Grizzlei (2010)

Mythic Article of the Year: Gavin Dunn by Ahalosniper
Gillian Buckler: "How do you keep getting into these things?"
Gavin Dunn: "For the life of me, I wish I knew!"
―Dunn speaking to an employer.

Gavin Dunn was a human smuggler, musician, and captain of the Argo-class freighter Chancer and its successors. Born far from the Sol System, Gavin grew to resent the UEG for its efforts to control the colonies without being able to protect them. Their failure to live up to the responsibilities contributed to the deaths of his brother and father, and ultimately led him to join the Humanity Liberation Front on Mamore. Gavin was deeply devoted to the Insurrection, justifying to himself and Redmond Venter the use of child soldiers in their ever-more desperate struggle. Only when their methods killed someone he'd cared about did he realize the horror of their terror attacks, and gave up the HLF's location to the UNSC before fleeing the planet. Wanted by both sides, Gavin fled to the Outer Colonies as a freelance starship captain transporting cargo and passengers between worlds, often employed by the Syndicate until his relationship with the criminal cartel soured. For a while, Gavin managed to get by on his own until he got caught up in an incident with Simon-G294, a child soldier-turned-bounty hunter he'd known from Mamore, and Zoey Hunsinger, a would-be teenage ship thief, and afterwards hired them both on as a crew for the Chancer V, coming to think of them as a surrogate family.

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Legendary Articles: Chancer V and Bombing of Philadelphia • Heroic Article: Redmond Venter

Good Articles: Halo: Shrike
Shrike Team Emblem

The Great War has been over for several years now, but humanity is nowhere near achieving peace. Throughout the remaining and rebuilding human colonies, insurrection is rising up once again at an alarming rate, and the struggling UNSC needs it dealt with swiftly and effectively, using the best soldiers they have: Spartans. For that purpose, a new team is formed to participate in direct action against these dissidents: Shrike Team.

Meanwhile, a wayward soul with no real purpose in life finds friendship and family within one of the most dangerous professions in the galaxy: that of an Insurrectionist, rebels fighting against the UNSC, branded as terrorists and murders by the media. The ends, however, may not always justify the means, as loyalty is pulled into question over the extreme actions taken, supposedly in the name of freedom.

However, in a world where treachery, secrets and murder are the norm, the SPARTAN-III's of Shrike Team and their rebel counterparts may uncover that there is something much larger going on, acting as mere pieces in a game with galaxy-wide consequences.

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April 14th, 2014

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Fanon of the Month — September 2015: Nathaniel-A143

Lieutenant, Junior Grade Nathaniel-A143, born Nathaniel Henric Williams, is a SPARTAN-III commando of the Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three of the UNSC Army. He fought as part of VALOR Team with the call sign Valor-Three, until it's disbandment after the Battle of Altair V. Being acquired by ONI soon after, he would take on the moniker of Codename: DEIMOS, fighting alongside two Beta Company SPARTAN-IIIs until the end of the Human-Covenant War. Nathaniel eventually joined SPARTAN Branch, along with fellow SPARTAN-IIIs, establishing himself as Valor-Two in the reinvented Fireteam Valor.

Nathaniel was born in Durban, Biko on December 4, 2524, to Crewman Thomas and civilian Kimberley Williams. He lived mostly with only his mother, as his father was stationed on the CMA Vostok, which met it's unfortunate demise in 2525 at the end of the First Battle of Harvest. Tragedy continued to follow as Biko was invaded by the Covenant a year later. Finding refuge in one of the last remaining transports at Durban Spaceport, the young boy was able to escape the massacre. However, his mother was not so lucky, begging a crew member to take Nathan on-board, even though the ship had nearly reached full capacity.

With no blood relatives to be sent to, Nathaniel lived the next few years at an orphanage in Jericho VII. While living there, he became slightly reclusive, which wasn't too uncommon among other children that were left homeless by the Covenant. Though few, any quarrels that Nathaniel had taken part in would end quickly, displaying his physical superiority, which in the years to come would prove highly beneficial to him.

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Previous featured articles: Gavin DunnSPARTAN-G024Cody-B042

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