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Marcus Profile
Biographical Information
Full Name

Marcus Junius[1]

Spartan Tag



Nova Roma


July 7, 2531

Physical Description

Augmented Human (Homo Sapiens Augeous)




1.82 m (6 foot 7 inches)


111.4 kg (245 lbs)






SPARTAN Neural Interface
Artifical foot (right)

Political and Military Information

United Earth Government Unified Earth Government
Trans-UNSCDF United Nations Space Command


UNSCNavy United Nations Space Command Navy
ONI Seal 1 Office of Naval Intelligence


ONI Seal 1 Section III Special Activities Division


UNSC O-3 Lieutenant


Primary NOD: 113X
Secondary MOS: 131X [2]


Numerous missions during the Human-Covenant War, against the Covenant Empire and Insurrectionist organizations.


Missing in Action (August 30, 2552)

Cquote1 I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my species. Cquote2

Lieutenant Marcus-B312 (born July 7, 2531), Marcus Junius by birth, was a SPARTAN-III junior officer of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. During his career he fought throughout the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy during the Human-Covenant War, against both Insurrectionist organizations and the Covenant Empire. Most of his career has been censored by the Office of Naval Intelligence, however that which isn't covered in black ink shows that his career is filled with covert operations and assassinations.

During the Battle for Reach, Marcus served with the UNSC Joint Special Warfare Command, specifically Group Three's NOBLE Team. During the course of the battle, Marcus proved instrumental in supporting UNSC forces. During the end of the battle, Marcus went missing in action after he defended the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to allow it to evacuate to orbit. Marcus, along with the rest of Noble Team were honored with a statue in their memory when the planet was recolonized in 2589.

Career Service Vitae


Lieutenant (O-3)

FULL NAME: B312, Marcus
SERVICE #: 72533-95483-MB312

    Unit: SPARTAN-III Beta Company
    Office of Naval Intelligence Section III
    NOD: 113X
    Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    Gender: M
    Birthplace: City of Virunum, Noricum Province, Nova Roma, Apennine System
    Birth Date: 07/07/2531
    Height: 1.82 m
    Weight: 111.4 kg
    Blood Type: B-


Exceptional stealth capabilities, proved during training with BETA and during service with Section III. Known to be a lone wolf, prefers solo operations but can work with a team.


Experienced in espionage and assassination. Also trained to operate UNSC exo-atmospheric aircraft [PROJECT SABRE].


Hyper-lethal Vector

Personal Background

Born on the outer colony of Nova Roma, Marcus was born to Ben and Jennifer Junius on June the 6th, 2531. Marcus was born and raised in the city of Virunum, in the mountainous Noricum region. His father was drafted for combat service against the Covenant Empire shortly after being born, and so was raised by his mother. During his time in the mountains he became known around the town as very active child. His life would change however on April 1, 2536 when a Covenant naval battlegroup entered the system. While naval forces battled over the planet, the Covenant launched a ground invasion of the planet. A small group of Kig-yar Jackals and Skirmishers raided their small town. Marcus, knowing secret routes was able to hide, however his mother and most of his friends were slaughtered before the Kig-yar moved on a day later. Marcus emerged and flagged down a passing UNSC Army Falcon transport, who picked him up and took him to the planets capital to be evacuated offworld.

As Marcus was being loaded onto a transport shuttle, a soldier on the shuttles boarding ramp was killed by a band of Grunts who found their way onto the landing pad. Marcus picked up the soldier's pistol and began firing on the Grunts, killing them but a plasma bolt scarred his arm. This action caught the eye of an Office of Naval Intelligence officer on another transport, who requested that upon his evacuation from the system Marcus be brought to him.

Recruitment into S-III

After being evacuated to Reach, Marcus was approached by ONI agents, who brought Marcus to the recruiter. It turned out that the officer was a member of the clandestine Beta-5 Division, who had been seeking orphans from attacked colonies to be recruited for the SPARTAN-III Program. When asked, Marcus accepted seeing it as a way to strike back at those who took his family from him. He also joined out of the want for a new home and family.

After being recruited, Marcus along with several other candidates were sent to a remote and classified world Onyx to be trained. When they arrived, they were greeted by Mendez Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez and Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, their senior instructors. Marcus was organized into Team Kilo with three other trainees from Nova Roma: Lucius-B212, Gaus-B033, Quintus-B022, and Decimus-B088.

For five years, Marcus and the rest of the SPARTAN-IIIs trained at Camp Curahee. During this time, Marcus and Team Kilo exhibited exceptional stealth capability and combat potential. Marcus ranked among the top of Beta Company in many of their competitions. While on a training exercise to secure a 'high value target', Marcus went on his own and infiltrated the OPFOR compound and single handedly neutralized the guards before the rest of Beta Company had even arrived. Despite his capabilities, Marcus was often reprimanded by his superiors for abandoning his team and risking the mission.

However, his lone wolf nature drew the eye of an Office of Naval Intelligence agent, Codename: NOSFERATU. NOSFERATU had been overseeing the SPARTAN-IIIs training and Marcus stood out as a potential agent for ONI's own special operations unit, the Special Activities Division. NOSFERATU approached Kurt and Mendez, offering to remove their problem in exchange for Marcus' service to ONI. The two instructors, knowing the risk that SPARTAN-III operations carried and hoping to save as many as possible agreed to release Marcus from the program.

Section III Agent

Upon his graduation from his SPARTAN-III Training at Camp Curahee, Marcus was taken from the company to serve in the Office of Naval Intelligence's Section III as an agent under the command of Codename: NOSFERATU. Upon his recruitment, Marcus was given a suit of MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor Mark IV. This MJOLNIR suit was equipped with prototype systems and hardware, including artificial intelligence integration and prototype shield systems much like the ones used by the SPARTAN-II Red Team during their service. Marcus mostly operated alone, however on certain missions he received artificial intelligence and special forces support.


MarcusB312 VULTURE

Security footage from inside the Salvaged Crate, showing Marcus eliminating a Kig-yar pirate.

Marcus's first assignment was the investigation of missing UNSC freighters and transports near the Deba V System. For months, ships passing through the system vanished off sensors. UNSC forces, believing it to be pirates, asked for assistance as their forces were tied up at other parts of the galaxy. The Office of Naval Intelligence assigned Marcus to the task, having him take a 'dummy' freighter to lure the pirates out, and either board or destroy their ship. To aid him, he was assigned the “Smart” AI Ishikawa[3] to assist him in the operation.

The operation began on January 5th, 2542 when his freighter, the Salvaged Crate arrived for a stop at an orbital refueling station. As the ship began to navigate an asteroid belt, it came under attack by single-man fighters. The fighters destroyed the ships navigation and communication systems, before a pair of corvette sized ships emerged. One ship remained as security, while the other extended a tube to the freighter and burned through the hull. Rather than humans, it revealed that the pirates were in fact Kig-yar, who had infiltrated far behind enemy lines. Marcus neutralized the boarding party, before in turn raiding the Kig-yar corvette and killing the crew. Marcus then linked the AI Ishikawa with the ship, which destroyed the other Corvette and all the fighters. Following the navigation patterns of the hijacked ship, the AI managed to find not only the location of the Kig-yar base, but also the point of origin of the ship, deep inside enemy lines.

The pair then headed to the Kig-yar base, a hollowed out asteroid similar to the Eriandus II Insurrectionist base. Ishikawa docked the corvette with the station, and while Kig-yar searched the ship for the reason why the crew were dead. Marcus then took the AI and infiltrated the pirates stronghold.

Marcus implanted Ishikawa into a information terminal inside the base, allowing Ishikawa to provide maps of the compound and mask Marcus' movements. Marcus began to search for ways to properly cripple or destroy the base. He found a way via the bases power generators and fuel for pirate craft. Marcus raided the bases armory, killing numerous Jackals and stealing plasma charges, which he hid in a satchel. Marcus first planted a charge at the main generators, shutting down power for ten minutes before a backup kicked in, The detonation however weakened the asteroids supports. Marcus then recovered Ishikawa before destroying the fuel, blowing a 300 meter hole in the asteroid, causing the atmosphere inside to rush outward into space. Marcus hijacked a different corvette, a Covenant produced Mantra-class and escaping from the system. Marcus destroyed any tracking systems before leaving it in UNSC care in a remote star system. Research from the craft revealed a lot about Covenant ships, however the corvette was scuttled per the Cole Protocol.

Operation: REGICIDE

One of Marcus's more renowned military operations was the assassination of a well known Prophet to the UNSC. Known as the Vice-Minister of Inquisition to the Covenant, designated SILENT KING by the UNSC, this Prophet was leading a force of two hundred Sangheili warriors of the Covenant Ministry of Inquisition in a campaign against Human forces in an area of the Inner Colonies known as the Damocles Gulf[4]. The Gulf is an area of dense star formations, but are renowned for their abundance of habitable worlds. Human forces maintained a stronghold in this area, however the Vice-Minister led a specialized force of Covenant special operations to decimate the human worlds. Marcus had orders to assassinate SILENT KING by any means necessary.

Marcus arrived in system on July 7, 2545 along with the Office of Naval Intelligence Daimonas-class Prowler, the UNSC Megiddo. The Megiddo was to provide combat support with either electronic warfare or use HORNET Mines to destroy the Vice-Ministers battlegroup should Marcus not be able to assassinate him.

UNSC Forces tracked the Vice-Minister to a mining world called Taros[5] UNSC Forces on the planet were struggling to keep their hold of the planet, however the Vice-Ministers forces were too much. Eventually, they were overwhelmed however they delayed the Vice-Minister long enough for Marcus to be deployed to the planet. The UNSC Megiddo tracked the Vice-Ministers movements, and found his base of operations, a CAC-class Assault Carrier hanging in orbit over the planet.

Marcus set up a sniping location overlooking the ships Gravity Lift. Armed with a SRS99D Anti-Matériel Rifle, Marcus waited until his target appeared. Traveling on a convoy, Marcus took his shot just as the Vice-Minister exited his Shadow transport. Marcus escaped when he boarded a Black Cat-class Subprowler and escaped from the Gulf before being picked up by the UNSC Megiddo.

The assassination caused a panic in the Covenant, as a the Vice-Minister was the first San 'Shyumm assassinated in the war. The Vice-Minister's combed the mountains where the shot was fired from but found nothing. Without their prophet, the Sangheili were forced to retreat. Had the Vice-Minister not been assassinated, it was predicted that his campaign would lead him to the world of Davorn, an important UNSC planet where much of the UNSC's starship fuel was processed.

Operation: QUICK EYE

MarcusB312 QUICK EYE

Marcus (pictured with rifle) and his spotter wait for Maero to arrive.

Marcus's first operation against Human targets, QUICK EYE had one simple objective, assassinate the rising leader of an Insurrectionist organization in the Beta Bor System. The organization, known as The Brotherhood had been behind several terrorist attacks in the system, including the bombing of a nuclear power plant on the colony of Deija. However a gun battle left the organizations command structure in ruins, and members of the group began vying for power. One member, Matthew Maero[6] was quickly rising to prominence. His tactics were both subtle, but ruthless leaving behind no witnesses. The Office of Naval Intelligence wanted him neutralized as soon as possible, and sent Marcus-B312.

Marcus arrived in system via a civilian transporter, and in plainclothes. He met with other ONI operatives and was suited for an assassination. The plan was for Marcus to use a Model 99 Special Application Scoped Rifle to kill Maero while being taken to a meeting between members of the broken organization. Marcus would be taken to a drop off point via Hornet VTOL along with an ONI spotter and set up overlooking a main interstate.

Marcus waited for twelve hours, tracking Maero's movements via Stealth Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance Satellite. At 15:44 Maero began to move, his personal driver taking him to the meeting. Marcus waited for the order to fire, and once traffic around Mareo began to thin, it was given. Marcus fired a 5.4mm round at the car, piercing the metal and causing it to explode. Luckily the car went to the outer shoulder, preventing possible loss of innocent life. UNSC Marines swarmed the site and confirmed the kill. Moments after, a raid by Orbital Drop Shock Troopers arrested the remaining factions of The Brotherhood, ending the insurrection once and for all.

Operation: LANCER

MarcusB312 LANCER

Marcus-B312 and the ODSTs under the command of Edward Buck begin their approach to the compound.

Operation: LANCER was a recovery operation organized by the Office of Naval Intelligence. When the planet Nevah fell, a data core was left behind. On it was the plans for planetary defense grids used by the United Nations Space Command in Inner Colony worlds. The planet fell to the Covenant, however they had not found the core. A team composed of Marcus-B312 and a specially selected Orbital Drop Shock Troop squad led by Staff Sergeant Edward Buck. The teams objective was to drop into the planet and either recover or destroy the data core.

UNSC Forces entered the system via the newly repaired and recommissioned UNSC Midsummer Night. The Midsummer Night was a Stealth Frigate, designed to be near invisible to enemy sensors. The Midsummer Night dropped the recovery team via Pelican dropship south of the targets location, an Office of Naval Intelligence compound hidden in the planets mountains. The team landed safely and proceeded to the target. Along the way the team encountered numerous Kig-yar of both Jackal and Skirmisher types.

As the team approached the compound, it became apparent that the Kig-yar were in the midst of their own civil war over the planet. Translator software revealed that the two factions were led by Zealots, and that both had claimed the prizes awaiting them in a vault inside the compound. The UNSC team sneaked past the two factions, letting them kill each other off. The team reached the vault, where they found one of the Kig-yar Zealots attempting to open the vault. The Zealot and his guards were killed quickly and UNSC forces gained access.

However, the death of the Zealot led to the other claiming victory, and uniting the Kig-yar in a strike against the humans. Buck and his ODSTs held their position just outside the vault, while Marcus secured the data core. However as more Covenant forces arrived, it was decided by the mission commander that the core be destroyed rather than fall in enemy hands. Marcus rigged the vault to explode, and UNSC forces escaped. As Covenant swarmed inside, they were greeted with explosive charges.


After Operation: LANCER, the UNSC Midsummer Night docked above the planet Tantabah to refuel for a trip to Reach. Marcus as well as the ODSTs aboard were granted shore leave. Marcus immediately headed to the nearest Office of Naval Intelligence building for a debriefing by his superiors. After he arrived an orbital sensing outpost began detecting unknown in-system Slipspace ruptures. Immediately, UNSC forces went into Winter Contingency protocol, and prepared for invasion. Marcus joined in the defense of the city of Sha'zara, where the ONI building was located.

As the UNSC defensive group engaged the Covenant battlegroup, a second jumped in-system on the other side of the planet. This group entered the planet unopposed, and began to glass the planet. This battlegroup also sent ground forces to the other side of the planet to cripple defenses. A legion of Covenant Army forces attacked the city of Sha'zara. Marcus fought alongside numerous UNSC forces, however he separated once the location of the legions commander was identified, and was sent to assassinate him.

The commander, a Sangheili General, had made his base of operations in a captured hotel. Marcus climbed the side of the building while a battalion of ODSTs attacked the front of the building, drawing the defenders out. Marcus eventually reached the room where the General was located, and planted a C-12 charge to blow the room. He rappelled down the building, and detonated the charges.

With their commander dead, the Covenant forces began to retreat. In orbit, UNSC ships staved off the invade battlegroups, and began to support ground forces. Covenant forces eventually made their last stand in the city square, where UNSC ground forces bombarded them, ending Covenant activity on Tantabah. The battle was a rare moment of victory, however it would be brief. Civilians were evacuated from the planet to other colonies. Marcus was exfiltrated by an ONI Prowler. A week after the victory, a Covenant fleet emerged from Slipspace and glassed the planet, killing all the defenders without a single casualty.


One of Marcus-B312s more renowned operations, JACKET DAGGER was a mission organized by both Section II and Section II of the Office of Naval Intelligence. On the Inner Colony world of Durandal II, a candidate for Colonial Governor of the world was gaining popular support among the planets farmers. The candidate however, supported colonial independence from the United Earth Government. The planet was also an important agri-world for the UEG, and losing it would be crippling to supplying other colonies with food. The operation was put into effect on September 9, 2549.

Marcus began gathering all the information he could on the target. A long time politician, the target was known as David Freeborn. Born to first generation colonists, David saw the colony grow from a backwater planet to one of the most important in the UEG. He also saw the 'cruelty' of the UNSC through heavy import taxes placed. His father was a vocal supporter of independence, however his support would lead to his arrest when he was suspected of helping Insurrectionists. This further strengthened David's hatred of the UNSC, and he quickly gained populist support during his campaign.

Marcus further investigated his security detail, and found that the easiest way to assassinate David would be to infiltrate his security and kill him when the two could be alone. Marcus assumed the identity of one of his security officers and began to work alongside his target. Eventually, when David was preparing for a speech, Marcus made his move. He infiltrated the targets dressing room, and while he was changing for a speech Marcus struck, stabbing him three times in the back and slitting his throat. He then fled the room, and by the time the body was discovered he was offworld.


On the planet of Ichkeria, the populace was never fully under UNSC control. Wars between UNSC forces and secessionists was commonplace. During the summer of 2541, rebels once again struck at a now crippled UNSC. During a firefight against rebels, UNSC army troopers called for air support from a nearby airbase. After launching his attack, Major Walter Sakwa was shot down in his Skyhawk fighter by a rebel anti air position. Sakwa managed to eject from his aircraft, and evade capture for a day, however he was captured when he attempted to cross a creek bed. Sattelite intelligence tracked Sakwa to an insurrectionist camp, made in the ruins of an abandoned village.

As UNSC army forces were already stretched thin, it was the Office of Naval Intelligence's descision to send in Marcus. His orders were to secure the pilot as his primary, with destroying the base and capturing the rebel leader as secondary objectives. Under the cover of night, Marcus was inserted via Hornet transport and made his way to the camp. Utilizing an advanced active camouflage system, the X-GHOST Active Infiltration module, Marcus began his attack.

His first actions were to neutralize two guards guarding over Sakwa. Sneaking through an already broken window, Marcus was able to silently kill the two guards by slicing their throats. He freed Sakwa, but ordered him to stay where he was to not harm himself. Reactivating his module, Marcus planted a C12 explosive charge inside the rebels storage building, filled to the brim with ammunition. When the charge detonated, Marcus quickly went on the attack, neutralizing a returning patrol and finishing off survivors of the depot explosion. He was able to capture the rebel leader, as he was in a garage nearby.

With Sakwa secured, the two radioed for an evacuation, and a Pelican awaiting nearby arrived and evacuated the three.

Operation: ARES

While the Covenant had besieging the colony of Zeras Norton II for three months, a UNSC operation was planned to strike back while they were still reforming. Dubbed Operation: ARES, the plan was for UNSC special forces to harass the Covenant as much as possible before the main bulk of the UNSC forces arrived. Marcus, along with other Beta-5 operators would be taking part in the first part of the operation, with Marcus's orders being the assassination of enemy commanders.

The operation began on May 4th, 2552 when two ONI prowlers and the stealth frigate UNSC Midsummer Night entered the edge of the Nyxeris System. The ships then launched Long Range Stealth Orbital Insertion Pods, as well as prototype XD99-STC Raven Stealth Dropships towards the planet. Inside were special forces operators from numerous units, including: the Office of Naval Intelligence Beta-5 Division's Asymmetrical Action Group, the 5th Shock Troops Battalion of the 105th ODST Division, UNSC Army Rangers and Noble Team of Special Warfare Group Three. Each unit had its own objectives, however Marcus would be on his own to kill his targets.

Marcus entered the planet via LRSOIP, at the Pequeno Mountain range at the planets northern pole. His first target was a group of Sangheili generals in command of the northern section of the planet. They were well defended, with their legions patrolling the area as well as the Citadel in which the Generals resided. However, Marcus was able to infiltrate the citadel with the assistance of the X-GHOST Active Infiltration module. Marcus set a C12 Shaped Charge in the Citadels central chamber, and set up a camera so that he could remote detonate it when his targets were in the room. On September 5th, he detonated his charge killing all three of the Generals. As Covenant forces rushed to investigate, Marcus was picked up by dropship to be taken to his next target.

On May 10th, 2552 the second phase of Operation: ARES began when the Fifth Fleet entered the system, taking the Covenant defenders by surprise. The Fleet managed to smash through the Covenant battlegroup, taking minimal casualties before deploying ground forces to the planets surface. This lured Marcus's next target, a Jiralhanae War Chieftain by the name of Valerius. Valerius was moving his forces to engage the UNSC 18th Mechanized Brigade as they pushed towards Valerius's stronghold. Marcus ambushed the Jiralhane's entire unit, detonating several explosive charges as they raced towards the UNSC unit. The attack confused his enemies, breaking them apart. Marcus infiltrated a camp the Brutes set up, and sliced Valerius's neck. With no leader, the Brutes fell into infighting, allowing the 18th to plow through them.

However, the battle was not won. A new Covenant battlegroup entered system on May 22nd, and began to engage the UNSC Fleet. UNSC forces were ordered to retreat, however a CCS-class Battlecruiser entered atmosphere and began to assault the UNSC Rangers and Noble Team. An operation was launched to destroy the battlecruiser, and while successful caused the death of one of Noble Team's members. Marcus was evacuated to an ONI prowler, the UNSC Hades. His next assignment would bring him to Mamore, for a special project.

SABRE Project

After the unsuccessful Operation: ARES, Marcus was called back to the unstable colony of Mamore. His superior, dubbed CODENAME: NOSFERATU, had assigned him to take part in the testing of a new, highly classified fighter called the YSS-1000 Sabre. The Sabre had been developed using reverse engineered Covenant technologies, including on board shielding and its power plant originated from a wrecked Type-31 Seraph Fighter. In recent months the planet of Mamore was showing the signs of another insurrection, which the UNSC had wanted stamped out in its infancy. To assist, the Sabres would be used to destroy or disable any rebel ships in orbit.

While en route to Mamore, Marcus was given training with a virtual simulation program, which incorporated all the experiences Marcus would endure in the Sabre Program, including lift off from a groundside platform. He received his 131X Military Occupational Specialty and arrived at Mamore two days later.

After getting familiar with the Sabre's control systems, Marcus along with test pilot Benjamin Hock began the first test flight of the Sabre. Launch went smoothly, however a fuel tank did not separate and stayed attached to the craft. Luckily an ONI Prototype Stealth Cruiser was there to recover the Sabre. It was revealed that tanks explosive bolts to release the tank were not attached properly and did not ignite. The Sabre was brought back planetside and the problem fixed.

On the second launch, everything went smoothly and the main tank separated as planned. The Sabre showed exceptional agility and combat capability, easily outperforming a squadron of Longsword interceptors. However, while Marcus and the Sabre were in orbit, the Mamore Insurrectionists struck, detonating a nuclear weapon in one of the planets major cities, killing millions.

Second Mamore Insurrection

MarcusB312 Mamore

Marcus interrogating a Mamore smuggler underneath the city of Cochabamba.

With the Mamore Insurrection underway, the UNSC had began to counter on every front. In space, a fleet of captured UNSC ships, refitted by the rebels began to engage the Mamore Defense Fleet. Marcus used his Sabre to engage rebel operated single craft, and neutralized the engines of rebel ships. One of the ships Marcus disabled, the Orion (formerly UNSC Orion), an old Olympian-class Frigate, was boarded by UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Marcus landed his Sabre in the hangar of the ship after it was completely cleared of rebels, and his co-pilot took the controls. Marcus then joined the ODSTs in a drop to the planets surface.

Marcus diverted his SOIEV from the ODSTs landing site, as he had orders to infiltrate the known command center of one of the rebel organizations and to assassinate or capture their commanders. Marcus landed ten miles away from the site, and began to proceed to the mountain camp on foot. Rebel forces began to swarm over the landing site in a search for Marcus. However, he evaded conflict and infiltrated the camp. Marcus knocked out the leader of the organization, one Nikolai Norris, and killed the rest of the commanders.

Interrogating Nikolai revealed that although there were multiple rebel groups, they were all a part of the United Rebel Front. Nikolai and Marcus were taken to a nearby UNSC forward operation base, FOB Doru. Marcus was then taken to the Office of Naval Intelligence headquarters to receive new equipment and orders.

During the ride from FOB Doru to ONI Zulu Site, Marcus's Falcon was shot down by insurgents in the city of Cochabamba. Marcus survived with no injury, however the crew of the Falcon were killed. Nearby Insurrectionists of the Kelor Separatist Movement began to swarm over the crash site. Luckily, the Falcon provided efficient cover from the rebels small arms, however an insurrectionist modified Warthog arrived, laying down heavy fire on Marcus. Ten minutes after the crash, UNSC forces arrived to help Marcus. Upon his exfiltration, he was taken to the Office of Naval Intelligence Zulu Site to be briefed on a new mission.

Once he arrived, he was debriefed by CODENAME: NOSFERATU on his operations. NOSFERATU then gave Marcus new orders to investigate a militia group smuggling weapons into Cochabamba. Marcus began to search all possible routes which the smugglers could use, and found that they had been using the cities underground canals, using small barges to transport weapons and ammo to insurrectionists in the city. Placing a magnetic tracking beacon on the underside using an underwater buoy and a weight tied to the end, the beacon latched onto one of the passing barges, allowing Marcus to navigate the underground tunnels and locate the smugglers base of operations.

In the middle of the night, Marcus infiltrated the smugglers camp and one by one began to silence any hostile presence. Hiding the bodies underneath the dock, Marcus checked a shipping manifest to find out where the weapons were heading. However during his infiltration a party of five armed militants arrived for a deal with the smugglers. Finding none, they grew suspicions and Marcus sprang into action, killing four of the five and knocking out the leader. After intensive interrogations, Marcus learned that he was a member of the Kelor Separatist Movement. Beyond that, the prisoner was of no use, Marcus killed him using one of the smuggled weapons and hid the corpse. The intelligence gathered by Marcus proved to be valuable to UNSC forces, finding the locations of insurrectionist bases on the planet.

One of the bases was the Kelor Separatist Movement's primary command center, located in the city of New San Ramón. Marcus, along with elements of the 75th Ranger Regiment were tasked with raiding the center and capturing the Kelor Separatists leaders. The operation began on May 15th, 2552 when Marcus and the 1st Battalion of the Army Rangers entered the combat zone. Elements of the 1st Battalion and Marcus were inserted by Falcon tiltrotor craft, while the rest of the battalion formed a defensive perimeter with M12 Force Application Vehicles. The raid was swift and caught the Kelorists offguard. In minutes, the leadership of the Separatists were captured and loaded onto M831 Troop Transport Hogs. While driving out of the city, the Kelorists retaliated and ambushed the convoy multiple times, however UNSC forces were successfully able to extract their targets safely. With their leaders arrested, the Kelor Separatists disbanded and the insurrection came to a halt.

Battle of Reach

After the Second Mamore Insurrection, Marcus was sought by SPECWAR/GroupTHREE to replace Noble Teams fallen member. Colonel Urban Holland personally requested Marcus-B312 due to his skills as a pilot and counter terrorist operative, both shown during the Second Mamore Insurrection. Marcus arrived at Reach on July 24th, 2552 and immediately headed for SPECWAR/GroupTHREE's base of operations. There he met with the rest of Noble Team and was initiated as Noble Six.

Marcus had arrived just as Noble Team was ordered to investigate the Visegrad Communications Relay. Colonel Holland and the Office of Naval Intelligence believed it to be the work of a local insurrectionist group, however as Noble Team investigated the site, Marcus began to suspect the work of Covenant forces. As Noble Team began to scan homesteads in the area, they encountered Kig-yar Skirmishers, confirming Marcus's suspicions.

After fighting off the Covenant assault, Noble Team advanced on the rest of the Covenant forces. The team split, with Marcus, Jorge-052 and Carter-259 investigating local homesteads, while Emile-239 and Catherine-320 secured and repaired the communications relay. Commandeering a Chevrolet Spade truck, the three cleared two homesteads of Covenant forces before receiving a distress signal from 3 Charlie 6. Carter ordered Marcus to drive to the location of the signal and assist the troopers. When they arrived, they found the fireteam engaging numerous Covenant hostiles. The intervention of Noble Team saved these soldiers, however the team was to regroup at the relay station, which was currently under heavy attack.

When they arrived, Marcus, Jorge and Carter pushed on the Covenant forces, forming a defensive perimeter around Kat while she closed the doors. After holding out, the doors shut on the Covenant attackers and locking Noble Team in. As the team proceeded into the structure, they found a pair of civilians and a wounded soldier. The two civilians, Laszlo and Sára Sorvad, and Corporal James Earl. However, they were too late to save Laszlo and Private Earl was critically wounded. As Jorge attempted to calm Sára, a Sangheili Field Marshall and a pair of Zealots engaged Noble Team, however the trio escaped, the Field Marshall out of the bunker and the Zealots kidnapping Corporal Earl. Marcus and Jorge were ordered to pursue the Zealots and prevent any action they might take.

Marcus and Jorge pursued the pair through numerous hallways, slaughtering Unggoy and Kig-yar along the way. Eventually they had trapped the Sangheili in a data core room, however one of the Zealots went on the attack with an Energy Sword. Marcus disarmed the Sangheili and killed it, before turning on the other. With their objectives achieved, Marcus and Jorge reset a junction and regrouped with the team, and Carter reported the events to Colonel Holland. The team was given new orders to help the defenders of the Office of Naval Intelligence's Sword Base near the Babd Catha Ice Shelf in the northern region of Reach.

Mission to Sword Base

Marcus and Kat in Sword Base

Marcus and Catherine begin their push into Sword Base.

Using two Falcons for transport, Noble Team arrived at the Babd Catha Ice Shelf on July 26th, 2552. The plan was for Marcus and Kat to secure the base's courtyard and to reactivate a Aspis Anti-air Cannon and a communications relay to allow Sword Base to inform HIGHCOM of the situation. The two began their push into the courtyard, driving back Covenant Sangheili, Unggoy and Kig-yar forces. They then proceeded to reactivate their next objectives, however a lance of Covenant forces arrived, supported by two Wraith artillery tanks. Using a H-165 FOM Target Designator, Marcus designated the two Wraiths for artillery bombardment, which had arrived from a nearby fire base. The artillery destroyed both Wraiths, allowing for a Pelican to deliver Marcus and Kat an M12 LRV.

The two's first objective was to reactivate the anti air cannon, to relieve UNSC air forces of hostile aircraft threats. The two arrived to find the defenders slaughtered by Covenant forces, headed by an Ultra. Using the Warthogs LAAG to provide covering fire, Marcus broke through the defenders and activated the anti air cannon, which quickly went to work against Phantom and Spirit dropships. Unfortunately one Phantom broke through, dropping off a lance of Sangheili Rangers. Marcus and Kat drove off these rangers before moving towards Farragut Station, the home of the relay.

When they arrived at Farragut, they found a lance of Covenant inside the base, as well as a Revenant infantry support vehicle. The two managed to hijack the Revenant, killing the driver and passenger before turning it on the Covenant forces. Marcus activated the stations generator before moving to the relay and reactivating it. After completing their tasks, Marcus and Kat were ordered back to Sword Base.

When they arrived, they found more Covenant infantry in the courtyard, however they were cleared quickly and the two entered the base. When they did, they found a Mgalekgolo pair attacking UNSC troopers. Marcus stuck one of the Hunters with a plasma grenade, blowing it in half. The other Hunter was handled by Kat, who shot it multiple times in the central worm column. Using an elevator, they ascended to the lobby of the building, and moved into the central atrium with the rest of Noble Team. Marcus then had orders to ascend to the top of the building and assist Emile with neutralizing hostile Banshee's keeping Airview Base's Longswords from deploying. Marcus, along with Jorge moved up the building and silencing a Sangheili General along the way. The three then made quick work of the hostile Banshees, allowing Longswords to push an attacking Mantra-class Corvette into firing range of an Orbital Magnetic Accelerator Cannon platform.

With their mission complete, the team was called to meet with Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, head of the SPARTAN-II program which Jorge was a member of. When they met, Catherine questioned the actions of their last operation in Visegrad, particularly over the death of Dr. Sorvad and the Elite Zealots who lead the attack. After heated discussion between Carter and the doctor, the team was dismissed.

Operation: NIGHTFALL

Marcus and Jun NIGHTFALL

Marcus and Jun begin their scouting mission.

When HIGHCOM began to scan the planet for Covenant activity, they were baffled to find that there was no trace of their presence on Reach via satellite, even when there were visual reports of Covenant forces. In response, Catherine-320 organized a recon operation to be carried out by Marcus and Jun-266. Their mission was to infiltrate the 'dark zone' where Covenant forces were believed to be gathering and neutralize the jammers used to hide their presence.

As the two proceeded, they encountered a Covenant controlled settlement near a cliff edge. However, this was not what Kat was looking for. The two killed the guards of the settlement, however a passing Phantom dropship delivered reinforcements, however this was not enough and the two quickly eliminated the opposition. Eventually they came to a large canyon, where a group of Covenant were engaging two native inhabitants to Reach, called the Gúta. The Covenant were no match for the two creatures might, and were soon eliminated, however the creatures turned on Marcus and Jun. However, due to their weakened state the Gúta were quickly dealt with.

Moving along the trail, Marcus and Jun heard gunshots, which Jun identified as UNSC issue Magnums. The two hurried along and encountered several civilian militiamen fighting off the Covenant. Kat ordered that Marcus and Jun assist them in any way possible, believing they could have intelligence to help them. The Spartans assistance was invaluable, however Covenant reinforcements arrived. After driving off the wave, another Phantom, this time carrying a Mgalekgolo pair arrived. Only two militiamen survived the attack, and showed the Spartans an alternate route which they used to smuggle contraband. The trail lead to a hydroelectric plant, which was the source of one of the Covenant jammers.

Marcus and Jun assaulted the dam, wiping out its defenders. Jun began to arm a remote detonation charge, when a Phantom carrying reinforcements arrived. Marcus defended Jun, fighting off waves of Covenant soldiers before the charge was planted and the pair broke off. Pushing further into the dark zone, the pair encountered a Covenant defensive position with several Shade turrets. Using fire-and-maneuver tactics, they were quickly able to bypass the defenders. After sneaking into a cave, the pair discovered a large Covenant invasion force. With their objectives achieved, Marcus and Jun were evacuated by Falcon transports and prepared for the coming day.

Battle of Viery

The next morning, the UNSC began their counterattack against Covenant forces stationed in the Viery territory. Noble Team's primary objective was to assault a Covenant teleportation spire, but also had secondary objectives of assisting UNSC forces in any way possible. The team was split into two elements; Marcus and Kat would preform their operations from a Warthog LRV while Carter, Jun, Jorge, and Emile would assist UNSC forces in Eastern Viery.

The battle began when Kat detonated the remote charged placed by Jun and Marcus hours before. With the jammer down, HIGHCOM would be able to coordinate the attack far more effectively. After the demolition, a squadron of Banshee ground attack aircraft began strafing the convoy that Marcus and Kat were a part of, while Wraith artillery tanks bombarded them. As Kat turned to cross over a bridge, a Wraith plasma mortar destroyed the bridge, but pair were able to clear the gap successfully, their Warthog was another story.

Marcus and Kat cleared a landing zone for a Pelican Dropship, delivering them an M12R Rocket Warthog to help them on their mission. Their first objective was to destroy a Covenant Type-38 Tyrant Anti Air Cannon preventing UNSC forces from providing air support. The two were quickly able to eliminate their target, assassinating a Sangheili General at the site as well. As they continued on, they found that the only bridge to allow them to move on had been destroyed. A Pelican dropship delivered a replacement for the section, allowing Marcus and Kat to move to a mining facility being used by the Covenant as a command outpost. Marcus and Kat supported a UNSC Army squad, moving across the bridge when Noble Team's support AI Auntie Dot identified a Sangheili Zealot in command of the outpost.

Battling through the facility, Marcus, Kat and the Army squad managed to break through the defenses. As the group pushed in, the Zealot exited the compound to check on the defenses. Marcus caught the Zealot off guard, emptying his magazine into the Sangheili and dissipating its shields. Marcus then leaped onto the Zealot, stabbing it in the throat with his combat knife. The team cleared the inside of the structure before leaving. As they exited, they noticed two Unggoy attempting to flee in Ghost rapid assault vehicles. Marcus managed to plant both of them with plasma grenades, destroying both Ghosts and killing their operators. Marcus and Kat then took a Revenant and proceeded down the path, eliminating a Covenant patrol along the way.

As they approached the Viery Canyon, they received orders from Carter to neutralize another Tyrant anti aircraft cannon. Eliminating the outer defenses, including two Wraiths, the two found themselves fighting a Mgalekgolo pair assigned to defend the facility. Using the Revenant, Marcus killed both Hunters before destroying the facility. Kat decided to set up a forward observation post, while Marcus boarded a Falcon with Jorge and assault the Spire.

As the Falcon maneuvered through the canyon, Marcus eliminated numerous Covenant patrols and Shade turrets. As they approached the Spires electromagnetic shielding, Jorge ordered the pilot through, seeing no alternative. As they did, the Falcon was powered down and forced to make a hard landing. Marcus and Jorge escaped unharmed, however the pilot and crewman were killed. Marcus and Jorge proceeded up a heavily defended hill, taking out Skirmisher snipers along the way. While Jorge assaulted the lower levels of the Spire, Marcus hijacked a Banshee to allow him quicker access to the Spires control center. Marcus abandoned the Banshee and assaulted the room, eliminating a Sangheili Ultra, two Unggoy Ultras and two Unggoy heavies armed with Fuel Rod Cannons. After deactivating the shields, Jorge and Carter arrived in a Falcon to evacuate Marcus. As they flew away, the UNSC Grafton was authorized to use its Magnetic Accelerator Cannon to destroy the Spire. After it did, a ventral Energy Projector split the ship, and it was revealed that the Spire was cloaking the CSC-class Supercarrier Night of Solace Long Night of Solace. Noble Team regrouped at a nearby cavern to discuss their next course of action.

Operation: UPPER CUT

Within the cave, Kat had come up with a plan to destroy the Covenant supercarrier above. Her plan was to replicate the Cygnus Slipspace Accident; an improperly mounted slipspace drive caused a slipspace accident resulting in half of the ship entering slipspace, and the other remaining in real space. The accident caused the deaths of seven hundred civilians. Kat's plan was to use a slipspace drive to destroy the supercarrier. During the planning, the question came up as to how they would enter space and where they would get a slipspace drive.

Kat sarcastically mentioned that the team go to the nearest 'non-existant' Sabre launch facility, and with Marcus at the controls rendezvous at the Anchor Nine space station in orbit above Reach. Carter informed Colonel Holland, who thought that the plan was the only thing that could work in such short notice. He approved, and Noble Team was dropped off near the Sabre Program Launch/Research Range, which was currently under attack by Covenant land and air forces. The team, consisting of Carter, Kat, Jorge, and Marcus pushed up the beach against heavy resistance and entered the facility. Jorge and Marcus then strapped in the crafts cockpit and launched into orbit, with Marcus at the controls.

The two entered Reach's orbit and united with the Sabre squadron sent to assist. Colonel Holland had requested the UNSC Savannah, a frigate, to lend its slipspace drive for the operation. Its commander agreed, and docked with the station. However, slipspace jumps were detected and a squadron of Type-27 Banshee Interceptors emerged. The Sabres quickly took action, intercepting and eliminating the Banshees before they could cause significant damage. However, soon after a squadron of Type-31 Seraph Fighters arrived and began to combat the Sabres. However, these were also eliminated quickly. After Anchor Nine activated its defenses, a final and much larger wave of Covenant craft emerged, consisting of Banshees, Seraphs, and Phantom Gunboats. Several plasma torpedoes managed to impact Anchor Nine, causing minor structural damage however the wave was driven off. Marcus docked the Sabre with Anchor Nine, allowing Jorge to exit and board a Pelican with the Savannah's slipspace drive attached.

As the Sabre squadron, UNSC Savannah and the Pelican approached the supercarrier, they intercepted a Mantra-class Corvette to be used as the slipspace drives delivery system. The Sabres assaulted the corvette, crippling its engines and eliminating its escort craft, while the Savannah jammed the crafts communication systems and provided fire support with its point defense guns. The Sabres landed on the corvettes topside landing bay, and Marcus and the pilots emerged from their vehicles, ready for boarding action.

As they entered the Corvette, they were assaulted by a file of Sangheili rangers. The rangers took a toll on the small boarding party, killing two of the four members. However, they were killed and Marcus and the two pilots moved on, before encountering another security team composed of Rangers and Unggoy. When the team emerged inside the corvettes hangar bay, they found a full lance of rangers and Unggoy awaiting them, with a Huragok providing overshields for them. Marcus eliminated the Engineer and quickly killed the defenders. He then deactivated the corvettes hangar shielding, allowing Jorge, a squad of Marines, and the slipspace bomb inside. Marcus received orders to take the Marines to the bridge to manually put the corvette on a fueling track with the supercarrier, while Jorge remained behind to protect the bomb.

Moving quickly through the corvette's halls, Marcus encountered numerous defenders. As they entered the port side of the ship, the UNSC Savannah was destroyed by the corvettes plasma torpedoes. With no cover, Marcus and the squad of marines double timed it to the bridge, clearing it of its crew and initiating its refueling track. As they began to exit, a lance of Covenant defenders arrived too late, they were killed and Marcus rushed back to the hangar, as Jorge and the bomb were under attack. Upon arriving, Marcus helped Jorge defend the bomb against multiple attackers, before finally regrouping and preparing to arm the bomb. As Jorge began preparations, he found that the Pelicans thrusters were fried. Worse, the timer for the slipspace bomb was also fried from plasma fire. The only way to arm the weapon was manually, a one way trip. Jorge decided that he would stay and arm the bomb, sacrificing himself for the safety of his homeworld. He picked Marcus up and threw him out the hangar, telling him to remind the UNSC to make it count. As Marcus descended towards Reach the bomb activated, transporting Jorge, the corvette and a large section of the supercarrier into slipspace. As he continued his descent, a fleet of Covenant ships had arrived. The battle for Reach was just beginning.

Battle for New Alexandria

After making a hard landing back on Reach, Marcus retrieved his equipment and began walking towards the nearest population center, New Alexandria. Cautiously moving towards the city, he arrived after five days to see the city under siege by Covenant forces. Proceeding into the city, he found hundreds of civilians killed by the Covenant, their wounds similar to the spike weapons used by Jiralhanae. Moving through the buildings, Marcus encountered numerous Unggoy suicide squads and Skirmishers hunting for new prey. Eventually he found his way out of the building, to see a squad of UNSC troopers battling a mixed group of Jiralhanae and Skirmishers brutalizing human civilians. With Marcus' aid, the troopers rescued the civilians and proceeded towards the Traxus Tower, the evacuation center for humans in the area. However a corvette began bombarding the tower, forcing Marcus to find a new route.

New hope was found in the executive landing pad near the top of the building. It was relatively unscathed, however it was occupied by the Covenant. Marcus joined up with a squad of ODSTs from the 5th Drop Shock Battalion. This battalion, known as the “Bullfrogs”, were specialized in the use of the ICARUS Jetpack and planned to use them in taking back the landing pad. Hopping from structure to structure, the squad and Marcus pushed through the Covenant defenders and made it to the pad. Clearing out the structure, the pad was open for Pelican dropships to evacuate civilians out of the besieged city.

Marcus was to be transported to assist Sergeant Major Arnold Duvall in retaking a pair of surface to air missile launchers that were currently in the hands of the Covenant. Using a M12 Warthog LRV, Marcus and Duvall reactivated the batteries, but had to fight their way towards the activation console. The skirmish was over quickly, and the batteries came online and fired at a nearby corvette. The damage was enough to allow several civilian transports to evacuate the city. After successfully accomplishing his task, Marcus was contacted by Kat. She ordered him and Jorge to regroup with the rest of Noble, it was here that Marcus relayed the news of Jorge's death to the rest of Noble. Although it weakened their morale, the team recovered.

Marcus New Alexandria

Marcus on a Pelican, heading to rendezvous with Noble Team.

Reuniting with Noble Team, Carter had Marcus take control of a Falcon to help in Kat's counter-operation against several Covenant communication jammers in the city, preventing UNSC forces from contacting HIGHCOM. Fighting through the city, Marcus disabled each jammer and assisted numerous UNSC forces before being called back to the Olympus Tower to assist in the evacuation. After destroying six anti air Shades, Marcus was able to land and reunite with Noble.

While discussing inside the building, Colonel Holland contacted the team on an open channel to inform the team they would be participating in a torch-and-burn operation at Sword Base to prevent vital data from falling into Covenant hands. As they prepared to leave, a Covenant ship began to glass the area, disabling the teams shields. The team split into two elevators to head towards a underground bunker. As Kat and Marcus rushed across a hallway, Kat was killed through the head by a Sangheili marksman in a Phantom above. The team carried her inside, where they would wait for three days before a Pelican arrived to exfiltrate them.


After being exfiltrated from the glassed city of New Alexandria, Noble Team was brought back to their base of operations to be briefed by Holland. Their mission was for Marcus to neutralize two Type-38 Tyrant anti air cannons, allowing Carter, Jun, and Emile to land inside the base by Pelican. Marcus was to be assisted by a fireteam of ODSTs from the 22nd Orbital Drop Shock Battalion.

Marcus was dropped off in a rocky outcrop near the base and proceeded on foot towards the base. He linked up with the ODST fireteam near what was one Farragut Station. The glassing by the Covenant caused a large portion of the Babd Catha Ice Shelf to melt, causing it to flood the station. Wading through the water, Marcus and the ODSTs launched an attack on a forward defensive outpost, killing numerous Unggoy, Kig-yar, and destroying two Shade turrets.

Marcus commandeered an abandoned Scorpion tank, using it to proceed towards the former Airview Base, the site of the Tyrant cannons. Marcus unloaded several rounds into the Tyrant cannons, causing their power generators to explode. After destroying both cannons, two Falcons carrying UNSC forces including Noble Team were able to land inside the base. Marcus and the ODSTs continued to push, destroying three Revenants and more Shade turrets before getting inside of the base.

Once in, Marcus reunited with the remainder of Noble Team, pushing deeper into the facility to destroy it and the data it contained. However, just before they planted the charges their orders were changed by an AI of unknown origin, whose security clearance was well above Auntie Dot's. The AI opened a hidden passage to an underground tram, and Dr. Halsey revealed that she orchestrated the arrival of Noble Team, and was assuming control of the operation. As Noble Team proceeded, Halsey informed them that they would have to hold out while she finished with the data.

Noble Team set up a perimeter using M8 Wolf Spider Automated Defense Turrets and prepared for the imminent Covenant assault. Wave after wave of Covenant forces were driven back by Noble Team before Dr. Halsey was able to open the doors, allowing the team inside the facility. Once inside they met with Dr. Halsey who Noble about the discovery that Dr. Sorvad had discovered, believing that the information stored would lead to a technological achievement to match that of the conical bullet or slipspace drive. The information was stored in a “Smart” Artificial Intelligence Cortana, containing the coordinates for a ancient alien superweapon which would change the war in favor of the UNSC. She ordered that Noble Team take a 'package' to a Halcyon-class Cruiser UNSC Pillar of Autumn in Aszod. She approached Marcus and informed him that Cortana chose him to be its carrier, and he accepted. The team split yet again, with Marcus, Carter and Emile heading towards the Pillar of Autumn at the Sinoviet Shipbreaking Yards in Aszod, and Jun would escort Dr. Halsey to CASTLE Base.

Battle for Aszod

While en route to the Sinoviet Shipbreaking Yards, Marcus, Carter, and Emile's Pelican was intercepted by a squadron of Banshees patrolling around the shipbreaking yards. Carter-A259's shielding was dissipated and he was critically wounded by plasma fire. When Marcus went to the cockpit to check on him, he ordered that he and Emile bail out of the Pelican and proceed to the shipbreaking yards on foot while he distracts Covenant air patrols. Emile gave one last salute, and he and Marcus leaped from the cargo bay of the Pelican into the canyon below, with another pair of Banshees engaging Carter.

Proceeding to the yards on foot, Marcus and Emile engaged a Covenant defensive position at a former waystation for passing human cargo trailers. Entering a cavern system, the two were engaged by a swarm of Yanme'e, but were quickly driven off. Before exiting the cave, a Type-47 Scarab Ultra Heavy Assault Platform had the two trapped. Carter, in a last act of desperation, rammed his damaged Pelican into the Scarab, destroying it and killing him instantly. With only Marcus and Emile left, the last known remnants of Noble Team double timed it to the Pillar of Autumn.

When they arrived, they found UNSC Marines from the Pillar of Autumn engaging Covenant forces who were attempting to prevent the Autumn's escape. With the two Spartans support, the Marines were able to eliminate ground forces. Once the pad was clear, Captain Keyes prepared to leave the Pillar of Autumn when a large formation of Phantom dropships arrived at the shipyards. While Emile operated an Onager Mass Driver to destroy inbound Covenant dropships, Marcus and the remaining Marines held their ground against waves of Covenant forces before Captain Keyes arrived to recover the package.

Just before Marcus boarded Keyes' Pelican, a second one was shot down by a Phantom, who dropped off reinforcements, including the Sangheili Field Marshall Inhe Jan 'Sedodee.[7] With no one manning the Onager, the Pillar of Autumn would never escape from Reach. Marcus remained behind, saying he would man the gun and cover Captain Keyes as he escaped. Battling through the reinforcements, including 'Sedodee's personal Zealot guards until he reached 'Sedodee himself. Marcus evaded a swipe from the Marshall's energy sword and climbed up his back, and stabbed the Field Marshall through his neck.

Marcus then manned the Onager, destroying several Phantom Gunships, and Banshees. When a CCS-class Battlecruiser was finally in range, he fired into the crafts ventral Energy Projector, causing it to destroy the weapons power supply and destroying it. The Pillar of Autumn escaped from the planet, and Marcus remained at the shipbreaking yards. He contacted Colonel Holland, informing him of the death of Noble Team and that their mission was completed successfully. Since UNSC forces had already abandoned the planet, there was no rescue attempt.

Marcus made his way to a defensive post used by Gauntlet Team before they were overrun. Marcus took up his weapons and made his final stand, killing dozens of Covenant warriors before finally being overwhelmed. Marcus was declared Missing in Action on August 30th, 2552.[8]


Marcus' actions during the Battle of Reach allowed John-117, Cortana, and the crew of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to stop the activation of the Halo Array, saving the galaxy and helping the UNSC win the war. On July 7, 2589 Dr. Catherine Halsey delivered a eulogy praising the sacrifice of Noble Team, particularly Marcus, on both Marcus' 58th birthday[9] and the re-colonization of Reach 37 years after the Covenant Empire conquered the world. In the rebuilt capital of Esztergom, Marcus, Noble Team, as well as the other UNSC defenders were honored with a large statue in the cities Central Park, with Marcus donning his Mark V armor and wielding a MA37 rifle.


Marcus-B312 maintained a calm and professional attitude on and off the battlefield. He had the utmost respect for his superiors, their word was law. In combat Marcus would avoid civilian casualties any time he could, however if the mission had to be finished and would cause civilian deaths, he would have no choice but to put the mission forward.

Marcus was considered a loner amongst the Spartans, even before being taken by Section III. He often distanced himself from having friendships with others. During missions were he had to work with a team, he was regarded as a 'lone wolf', often leaving his team behind to achieve other objectives. He was regarded as an extremely deadly force, a 'hyper-lethal vector'.

Noble Team Candidate Assessment

This interview was to assess Marcus-B312s mentality and to inform him of his induction into Noble Team. It was conducted by Noble Teams commanding officer, Colonel Urban Holland.

{Marcus-B312 enters the room}
Holland: Lieutenant, take a seat.
{Marcus sits, he notices markers underneath the table}
Holland: I need you to attach the markers to your temples and forward lobe.
{Marcus attaches the markers}
Holland: I need a baseline image, try to think of a city.
{Marcus' thoughts: A large city aflame. A Covenant cruiser hangs above.}
Holland: That will do. Alright lets get started, state your name and rank.
Marcus: Marcus-312 of SPARTAN-III Beta Company, Lieutenant.
Holland: Do you know why you are here?
Marcus: Not entirely sir, all I was told is that I was being removed from Section Threes command.
Holland: That is partially correct, you are being transferred to Special Warfare Command, specifically Group Three.
{Marcus' thoughts: A Brute with its throat slit.}
Marcus: I have heard of Group Three. Noble Team is a part of it, correct?
Holland: That is correct Lieutenant. I requested your transfer to help fill the void of a team member we lost during Operation: ARES.
{A pause}
Holland: Lieutenant, tell me about your childhood.
{Marcus' thoughts: Marcus in his home village.}
Marcus: Born on the colony of Nova Roma, city of New Milan. Moved to Noricum in the Virunum province at the request of my father.
{Marcus' thoughts: His father, leaving on a M831 Troop Hog}
Holland: What happened to your father?
Marcus: He was drafted into the UNSC Marine Corps. Went missing in action at the Battle of Miridem.
Holland: Miridem, we won that fight but at great cost.
{Another pause}
Holland: Says here you were in combat at the Second Mamore Insurrection. What action did you see?
{Marcus' thoughts: The cockpit of a Sabre, changes to a sewer.}
Marcus: I was involved in an attack on an Insurrectionist ship using a Sabre fighter. I then participated in counter-smuggling operations on the ground and was a part of Operation: RATTLESNAKE.
Holland: That is exactly what we need on Noble.
{Another pause.}
Holland: Our team is a mixed unit, SPARTAN-IIs and IIIs including Catherine-320 from your own company.
{Marcus' thoughts: Marcus in a classroom. He looks over to see Kat.}
Marcus: She always was a smart one, good with electronics.
Holland: Indeed. How do you feel working with a SPARTAN-II however?
{Marcus' thoughts: A propaganda poster, featuring three Spartans on a hill of Grunt corpses.}
Marcus: They seem to be a good bunch, a little hyped though.
Holland: Helps keep the morale up. Needless to say we need you on Noble Team, Lieutenant. You are the perfect match we need for the team.
Marcus: I am honored, sir.
Holland: Indeed. That will be all Lieutenant, you are dismissed.
{Marcus rises from his seat and salutes.}
Marcus: Yes sir.


Marcus Black Body Suit

Marcus equipped with his black body suit.

For much of his career, Marcus utilized a suit of MJOLNIR Mark IV Powered Assault Armor. This armor was the testing grounds for technologies to be implemented in later variants of the MJOLNIR Armor, such as rechargeable energy shielding, and Artificial Intelligence support. Marcus was issued this armor on orders from the Office of Naval Intelligence. His suit also had different armor modules and allowed different armor components to be changed between missions.

Some operations required Marcus to utilize a black body suit. Allowing him to wear other clothing over it, Marcus used this suit during intelligence gathering operations and plainclothes assassinations. He disliked the suit, saying that it disrupted his operations and preferred to use the MJOLNIR PAA.

Weaponry varied depending on mission parameters, however during the course of his service Marcus favored a variety of weapons:

  • M7/Caseless Submachine Gun – A lightweight and portable weapon, the M7 was a perfect match for Marcus in combat. Modified with a sound suppressor, Marcus could use the M7 to silently take out his enemies.
  • Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel – A long range weapon, Marcus utilized the SRS-99 AM for long range combat and assassinations.
  • Model 99 Special Application Scoped Rifle – A heavy gauss rifle, Marcus used the M99 SASR during his assassination of a Insurrectionist upstart named Maero. The M99 destroyed the targets vehicle with ease.
  • MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System – The most common weapon used by Marcus, the MA37 was the UNSC Army's variant of the venerable MA5. A mid-range weapon, Marcus used the MA37 throughout his career, most prominently during the Battle of Reach, where it served as his primary weapon.


  1. A clear reference to Marcus Junius Brutus, one of Julius Ceaser's assassins. This name was chosen as B312 is described as an 'assassin'. Originally his name was to be Gavrilo, the assassin who's actions led to World War I.
  2. Attained prior to involvement in the Sabre Program
  3. A reference to the Ghost in the Shell character of the same name.
  4. A reference to a section in space controlled by the Tau Empire in the sci-fi series Warhammer 40k.
  5. Another 40k reference. Taros was a Imperium mining world until it defected to the Tau Empire.
  6. A reference to two members of The Brotherhood in Saint's Row 2.
  7. This name was obtained by using HBO's Elite Namilizer and using German Field Marshal Erwin 'Desert Fox' Rommel
  8. According to the level The Package, both Jorge-052 and Kat-B320 were declared Missing in Action. It would make sense for the rest of Noble Team to be declared M.I.A. than K.I.A.
  9. This was not intentional. I had begun writing this article a month before Reach was released.