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GaYee "Maria" Park
Biographical information
Place of birth

Fujian, Harmony

Date of birth

October 17th, 2512



Political and military information
Years of service

September 2525 ― [CLASSIFIED] (?? years)


SCPO GC Senior Chief Petty Officer

UNSC Spartan Emblem Tier Zero (SPARTAN) II/CI
"Once John gets a hold of this armor, we'll all start sleeping a little better at night..."
―Senior Chief Petty Officer Maria-062 after testing the MJOLNIR Mk. VI in Songnam, Unified Korea.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Maria-062 (born GaYee Park on October 17th, 2512) was a UNSC NAVSPECWARCOM (SPARTAN) Tier Zero operator that participated in multiple theatres throughout the Human-Covenant War. In 2550, the SPARTAN decided to retire from active duty, but continue to be in service with the UNSC; she eventually became a volunteering technician for the Navy's Project MJOLNIR. During the Covenant invasion of Earth, Maria-062 was sent back into active duty and assisted the UNSC in defending the planet. Maria-062 was one of the few last surviving SPARTAN-IIs.



Maria was born in Fujian, Harmony and raised in Madrigal, the daughter of Sean Langg and Haein Park, both working as mineral engineers for NeoVenus Construction. Both her parents were travelling engineers, having migrated to four planetary systems in the Outer Colonies since 2502. Maria attended Sapher Linguistic Circle until the age of five, when she was conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program.

SPARTAN program

Maria spent most of her childhood on colony world, Reach till 2525. Her first week was fairly common amongst candidates; Maria was uncomfortable with her rapidly changing environment and avoided the candidates. In need of someone to talk to, Maria took the courage and started conversing with the candidates, trying to figure where they were and why they were there. In her first attempt, she manage to befriend Kurt Trevelyan, a Circumstance resident, and, soon after, made major improvements to her approaches with other candidates. In her first month, she befriended Andrie and Grace; together with Kurt, whom took up the position as the lead figure, this bond eventually formed Green Team.

Green Team was unusually exceptional during the training sessions; the team often beat Blue Team in almost every exercises, failing that would earn them second place. Kurt, a chatty fellow as he was, made the phrase, "second to none" as the team's motto. While in Green Team, Maria participated in various training sessions, ranging from the deep-sea diving on Emerald Cove, tag-teaming in Chiron TL-34 facility to surviving the Military Reservation 01478-B and Military Wilderness Training Preserve, as well as several others in the Highland Mountains. Outside of Green Team, Maria was a good friend to the absolute silence Randall and the overtly competitive Jared. In one particular period during her training years, Maria and Jared were caught assaulting Dr. Halsey and punished by her friends and NCO Mendez.

SPARTAN career

Maria - Freefall

Maria-062 performing freefall in a MJOLNIR armour exercise



Maria-062 during Operation: CHASTITY

Main articles: Armour Testing and Operation: CHASTITY

Prior to the Battle of Earth, Maria volunteered herself to be the armour tester for the MJOLNIR Mk VI armour program held in Seongnam, Kyonggi Province of Korea. In the test program, she was required to perform atmospheric re-entry, shield charge buffer, and ballistic runs. The outcome of the armour test was satisfyingly received; the armour performed within the expected results as noted down by Commander Fhajad. However, other volunteers within the armour test program were grievously injured.

Maria-062 later involved herself in Operation: CHASTITY, an ONI-led operation that requires the 267th Marine Regiment maintain and secure the wreckage of the CCS-class battlecruiser "Chaste Ascendancy" in Argentina.

Personality and traits

Maria - SpartanProfile

Maria-062's profile image

Maria-062 was the marksman of Green Team and was known for this expertise during the training years of SPARTAN-II. She also specialised in social and cognitive analysis, providing her exceptional set of skills in understanding human behaviour and analysing the human actions. She utilised these skills by interpreting them into tactical information.

Career Service Vitae

Senior Chief Petty Officer

FULL NAME: Park, GaYee
SERVICE #: S-062

    NEC: SOC
    Enlistment Date: CLASSIFIED
    Location: CLASSIFIED

    Gender: F
    Birthplace: FUJIAN, HARMONY
    Birth Date: 17/10/2512


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Maria - CSV