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Maria Jackson
Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Lieutenant First Class






Pilot Interface Mk.3

Hair color


Eye color



Pilot Interface Mk.3

Chronological and political information

Human Covenant War


Fighter Pilot

Notable Facts

Member of the 112th Naval Squadron




Born to High Admiral Brock Trance, who headed the UNSC Pilot Corps, Maria grew up as a pilots daughter who was destined to become a pilot. She was trained by her father from the age of 12, and when she was old enough, she joined the UNSC Flight Instruction Academy. She trained there for several years, then joined the 329th Naval Squadron. The 329th was assigned to Admiral Cole's fleet to retake harvest, and Maria earned her battle skills in blood. During the battles, the 329th took extremely heavy casualites. By the end of the campaign, only Maria had survived, and she was given the rank of Lieutenant Second Class and put in charge. Under her leadership, she trained all of her squadmates extra hard; but it wasn't enough. During the years and years of combat in the war, Maria lost dozens of friends, as her squadron always lost people, and sometimes lost all but her. She however, never did fall, something that came to the attention of Major Jace Williams in 2552 after the retirement of Major Willace Stort. He chose her as his replacement in the squadron while he took command, and she was implanted with one of the last Pilot Interface Mk.3s. Maria is known as one of the best pilots in the navy, but has never gathered fame becuase her squadron so regularly took casualites. She became quick friends with Lisa Mill, but also fell in love with Jenson Cramer, and had a child with him. She is one of the best in the squadron at utilizing the Mk. 3 to read the other fighters thoughts and projecting her own, which makes up for her new ness to the squadron.

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