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Marine Expeditionary Brigades are a fundemental building block of Marine formations, focused around Marine Air-Ground Task Forces that can be mounted onto Sol-class Command Carriers and Odin-class Carriers for deployment into combat theatres or formed into large Marine Expeditionary Forces.

Reinforced Infantry Regiment

The Reinforced Infantry Regiment is built around a infantry regiment, which is a multirole force, expected to locate, close with and destroy the enemy with fire and maneuver, though the type of enemy is not neseccarily opposing infantry. They have the equipment to engage enemy armour or enemy aircraft and provide thier own mobile light artillery in the form of mortars. All Marine infantry is trained to be air mobile with support from the air group and motorized with accompanying vehicles, most notably Warthogs but there is also a support mechanized battalion in each regiment, transported by specialised M03 Kangaroo IFV or M38 Groundhog APC. The Regiment is made of four battalions and a HQ Company.

Attached to the Infantry Regiment is a Artillery Company, Tank Company and Light Armour Company, with M3 Bombardier SPMA, M808G Scorpion MBT and M85B3 Coyote CVR series vehicles, with 12 vehicles each.

Marine Air Wing

The Marine Air Wing uses a mix of squadrons to give it some close air support. It has a Heavy Starlift Squadron, with D-77I Pelicans to provide airlift for infantry and vehicles, a light Airlift Squadron, with D83A Gulls, a heavy VTOL attack squadron with F/AV-77 Raptors, a light VTOL attack squadron with a squadron of AV-14B Super Hornets, a refueler squadron, a UCAV squadron, a ground support squadron and a support/logistics squadron.

Combat Logistics Regiment

The Combat Logistics Regiment provide medical, maintenance, engineering and supply support.