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"After the war, Mars was generally thought to be the acting capital of Humanity, though the Taradians tends to think otherwise."

The Colonial Martian Protectorate (Sol δ), known more commonly as Mars, is a Γ-type terrestrial planet that orbits in the fourth position within the Sol System. Its defining feature is its strikingly red surface, which is caused by extensive concentrations iron oxide within the planet's crust.

Colonized as early as 2080 by a multinational task force, it has since been incorporated into the Colonial Administration Authority (the likes of which were usurped by the United Nations Space Command following the First Great War. It has consistently been known as one of the greatest of the UNSC's many colonies.

Mars is known to boast a somewhat unique economy as it efficiently mixes the sprawling, capitalistic ideals of Earth with the sporadic, socialistic practices found on most stable colonies.

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