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Masver-Tor Engineering
Organizational information

Sigmund Masver, Vassily Tor


Avelna city, Tribute

Primary role(s)

Tank Production

Major Products

M808 Scorpion and series

Chronological and political information



Covenant-Human War, Necros War


Masver-Tor Engineering was a company formed near the turn of the 26th by Sigmund Masver, a german heir to a family fortune and Vassily Tor, a immigrant of Russian-Polish descent. Both had trained in designing vehicles and had previously been employed by UAE Land Systems and UNA Heavy Arms. They met on tribute during a company visit to a weapons show and both swapped their extreme armoured vehicle designs and found that both had ideas in common, ideas thought too radical by their bosses. They both immediatly left their companies then together formed Masver-Tor Engineering, using Masver's small fortune. They bought a small plant and started production of licensed vehicles for a time until, three years after they were formed, the UNSC released a Request for Proposal for a Operation Requirement for a new main battle tank. UAE Systems, UNADS and other industries submitted their designs, many of which were rather conventional three man crews of a gunner, driver and commander. During trials, the Masver-Tor prototype was delivered, then known as the Prototype Main Battle Tank 808. It was infact noted that the UNADS manager laughed at the design when it first came in on the back of a locally hired flat bed truck. Masver and Tor personally displayed the unique two man man design, using the standard use UNSC neural interface to operate the gun while also manually operating the vehicle, while a secondary crewman operates a machine gun on the hull, allowing them to protect the vehicle from enemy attacks. The vehicle was slim, low, backing extremely heavy ceramic-titanium armour, a selective auto loader, a number of sensor suites and double bogey set up, giving it unparreled agility over rough terrain and the ability to carry troops 'tank desant' on the bogies. The vehicle expressed both agility, powerful armament, air mobile by the 'New Generation Dropship' and extra abilities not found on other entries. Much to the horror of both UAE Systems and UNADS this 'Scorpion' as it was now known, was accepted as the new UNSC's MBT. Masver-Tors single plant on Tribute was unable to maintain demand for it so it was, for a time, licenced to UAE Systems for production, until Masver-Tor could match production.

Since then it has matched every UNSC RFP, keeping the Scorpion in operation through the Human Covenant War and to the Necros War by continually updating the vehicles. Masver-Tor has since been personally contracted to the UNSC and has enjoyed being at the forefront of their technological development, having access to new weapons, systems and engines constantly. The have worked closely with UNSC R&D engineers to produce a wide variety of back up models.

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