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Matthias Charlene Navrátil
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February 24th, 2533

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Private First Class



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PFC Matthias Charlene Navrátil served on the UNSC In Amber Clad in 2552, and participated in the Battle of Installation-05.



His parents, Judy and Bernard Navrátil, were hoping for a daughter. They could not afford a PerfectSmile™ custom job, and instead decided to trust fate. When their child turned out to be male, they were mildly disappointed but swore to love him just as much. They gave him his father's father's name, and used their planned feminine name as a middle name.

Matt took a lot of abuse growing up about his 'girl name,' and had to learn how to defend himself. He did some odd jobs for a retired soldier named Alter Bardsley, who taught him how to fight. He became inspired to help defend the UN from the Covenant, and joined up as soon as he was old enough.

Battle of Installation-05

During the battle, Matt was one of those assigned to defend the In Amber Clad from the Flood. However, his commanding officer saw the overwhelming odds, and had them make a hasty retreat in a Pelican despite his own orders to hold ground. They sped away from the doomed ship as fast as they could fly.

The next day, they observed a CCS-class cruiser crashing nearby and went to investigate. Finding disoriented and wounded Jiralhanae, they preceded to engage them. However, the Jiralhanae had support from the nearby Zealous Missionary, and the marines found themselves overrun.

Matt was the only survivor, and was taken back to the Zealous Missionary to suffer interrogation at the hands of a Jiralhanae named Quirinus. After Quirinus extracted all the useful information, he used Matt for his own pleasure and left him laying in a pool of his own blood until Quirinus got hungry, after which he was eaten.