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Production information


Technical specifications

15.4 meters


3.8 meters


3.8 meters

  • Titanium alluminide frame
  • Fire resistant inserts
  • Ceramic inserts
  • Titanium aluminide flooring
  • countermeasure launchers
  • Remote operated dual 20mm nose cannon
  • 4 stub wing pylons
    • 3 missiles per pylon
    • 14 rockets per pylon
  • 4 End pylons
    • 1 air to air missiles per pylon
  • Pilot (1)
  • Co-Pilot (1)
  • Gunship
  • Interceptor
  • Tank Hunter
  • Close Air Support

The Medium Attack Gunship-XVII Marauder is the Vorenus Imperium's primary dual purpose Attack VTOL, being adapted to attacking ground and air targets. Its a light air frame with addittional armour fitted on a mission basis. It can match the speed and agility of vehicles like the Raptor by using three vectored thrust nozzles, one situated to the rear, giving it both forward motion and rising ability and two on the underside, giving it agility and climbing and VTOL abilities. It mounts two stub wings, containing a potent range of ordnance. It can take either a launcher of three tank busting missiles, a rocket pod of 14 unguided rockets of varying payloads and on the end stubs it can take a air to air missiles. It has a gunner operated dual cannon on the nose for destroying light enemy vehicles and infantry at short range. It posesses no cockpit window and instead sports a armour plate with camera systems. The whole vehicle is studded with cameras, allowing it to have all round vision.

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