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Messenger-class Light Corvette
Production information


Technical specifications

250 metres

  • Pulse lasers
  • Point Defence Plasma Cannons

Necros War




The Messenger-class Light Corvette is a class of USR ship. Principally a scout and transport, it was also pressed into service as a skirmisher.


Small, nimble, and fast, the Messenger is a hold over from the Covenant, and has almost no modifications from it's predecessor in the Covenant. It has a slim profile, with a bulked out rear for the engines. A cramped vessel, most of it's room is dedicated to it's large engines, or the large reactor keeping it going. What makes it a stand out is the excellent communication systems installed on it.

Traditionally, it had two primary roles. The first was that of scout, visiting distant star systems, and relying on superior speed and agility to reconnoitre the position, then escape. Its secondary role was that of transport, carrying small numbers of personnel to distant locations quickly, or carrying important documents and communiques too important to risk broadcasting.

However, the brutal civil war that followed the Schism pressed it into a more dire role. That of skirmisher. While small, it possesses adequate weaponry, with a number of point defence cannons, and a bundle of pulse lasers that function as it's main guns. Using it's agility and speed, it could quickly strike and slink away before retribution found it. They were also used as custodial vessel, protecting Sangheili worlds by policing the space around them. These vessels chased down smugglers and thieves, and carried teams of hardened Rangers.

UNSC Remarks

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