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Michael Harrington
Biographical information

Carter's World

Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Station Commander




7' in the BioSuit


MA5B Assault Rifle, M6D Pistol, M90 Shotgun


BioSuit, Andrea


M12 LRV Warthog, Rocket Warthog, UNSC Fearless, Drop pod, Tranquility, MJ07-Wasp

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Chronological and political information

Human Covenant War


BioSuit users

Notable Facts

Survived battle of Installation 00


UNSC, UNSC Science Corps, UNSC Fearless, Andrea, Outpost Station Rio


Early Life

Born on Carter's World in 2506, Harrington grew up in a large family. During his childhood, he befriended Andrea King, and they became childhood sweethearts. When they were old enough, they married, and they both became mechanics at the spaceport in the primary city. In 2532, disaster struck when the unmerciless covenant invaded their world. It was Andreas birthday, and she went to the spa while Harrington took her shift. They attacked the spaceport in their first wave, and Harrington was critically injured. The humans managed to fight them off away from the spaceport, but by this time the rest of the city had been breached, along with half a dozen other cities scattered along the planet. Harrington was evacuated to a ship in orbit but his transport was attacked by a group of Covenant Seraphs.

The 112th Naval Squadron managed to destroy them however, and saved Harrington's life without his knowledge. Down on the ground, the battle was now going badly for both sides. Apparently, the Covenant realized this, and began to glass the planet. The humans escaped, and Harrington was kept in cryo until he reached Reach. There he was fitted with a BioSuit, which became the thing that kept him alive.

Science Corps

For years he wandered, and during that time he married and was divorced six times, never finding his way after Andrea's death by the glassing. However, early in 2535, he found a recruiting poster for the Science Corps. Intrigued by the possibility of leaving civilazion far behind on a deep space trip, he joined and was assinged to the UNSC Fearless. In late 2535 the Fearless departed from the few remaining outer colonies, heading for uncharted space. Early on, they dumped the majority of the supplies on a small moon, then went forward on a six month long slipspace jump.

Harrington did not fit in with the rest of the crew. The BioSuit gave him the appearance of a Spartan, and he had few friends. However, he did meet some. One such person was Jacob Levins, a young marine who was part of the ships crew. Jacobs and Harrington became fast friends, and they connected in dozens of different subjects. Jacobs understood Harrington like no one had since Andrea's death, giving him new emotional support.

Several months later, they emerged from slipspace, and found something incredilbe. A giant ring like installation was floating in orbit around a gas giant inside a nebula.