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Mick Kemmerer
Michael Patrick Kemmerer
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March 13, 2567

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First Sergeant




1.9 meters

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Chronological and political information

The Saulosian Campaign


"You know, a lot of people have speculated as to why we fight. Mostly civilians. They ask if it's honor, or duty, or patriotism. And maybe some people do fight for those. But I fight for my family. For my comrades. Ideals, governments, they can all go take a hike. It's the people that matter."
―Michael Kemmerer

Michael Kemmerer, known to his friends as Mick, was a UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Trooper in the 105th ODST Division during the Saulosian Campaign.


Joining the CorpsEdit

"When Mick said he wanted to join the Helljumpers, I was a little afraid. I knew he wanted to join the Corps, but the One-Oh-Fifth... that's a tough group. But Mick made it. He always does."
―Michael's father, Andrew Kemmerer, in a private discussion with a friend

Michael Patrick Kemmerer was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, in the United Republic of North America. His family had a long history of participation in the military- Kemmerer's father had been a Marine, one of his uncles was a member of the UNSC Army, and a number of his cousins were in the military. Therefore, when Kemmerer joined the Marine Corps after graduating from high school, none of the family was surprised. However, they were in for a shock when Kemmerer announced his intent to join the Helljumpers. None of his relatives were members of the elite division, and his father wasn't sure if Michael would succeed in the demanding exam exam. However, Kemmerer proved the worries of his family groundless by passing through the exam with no trouble.

"He didn't set any records, and he was far from the best recruit I've seen. But the kid's bright, and when he sets his mind to something..."
―Kemmerer's recruiter, in his recommendation to allow Kemmerer entrance to ODST training

Riot ControlEdit

By 2587, the Outer Colonies, always a hotspot for trouble, were brewing again. The Helljumpers were dispatched to the colony world Victoria, where it was believed that a cell of insurrectionists was based.

"Didn't we kill off a bunch of Innies on Victoria during the last war? They sure don't learn, do they?"
―Observation made by a fellow Helljumper to Kemmerer

The mission was finished quickly, with minimal casualties to the Helljumpers. Kemmerer was awarded a Bronze Star for his role in defusing a hostage situation. The rebels had taken refuge in an apartment building, and had much of the fourth floor under their control. Kemmerer led a small group of ODSTs through a maintenance corridor while the company commander engaged in negotiations with the insurrectionists. Kemmerer's team came up inside a laundry room and spread across the floor, waiting for their signal, a half-second burst of static over the COMs. When it was given, the team came out of hiding and engaged the hostiles in their assigned areas. Three civilians were injured, but all survived. The 105th was then rotated off-planet to engage in anti-rebel activities elsewhere. By the end of the operation, Kemmerer had a Purple Heart and another Bronze Star.

Saulosian CampaignEdit

"First the Covenant, then forty damn years later these things show up. It's like a bad sci-fi movie."
―Kemmerer, speaking with another ODST

"I was twenty-nine, and I'd already won a Purple Hearts and two Bronze Star. I'd seen combat on four planets. I thought I was hot stuff. But nothing could've prepared me for the Saulosians."
―Excerpt from Kemmerer's personal journal

Battle of KotovEdit

Kemmerer, along with other Helljumpers, was assigned to the battlegroup that was to enact Operation:WHIPLASH.


Kemmerer armor

Kemmerer wearing custom-colored armor, wielding a shogun.

Kemmerer never really specialized when it came to weapons, but if given a choice he would gravitate to close-quarters weapons such as shotguns and sub-machine guns. He was the self-confessed "worst sniper in the entire One-Oh-Fifth," and would avoid sniper rifles at every opportunity. He was often the driver for his squad, and was able to pick up on any wheeled vehicle almost intuitively.

"We used to joke that Mick was the "designated driver," and how he'd be a better driver drunk than we would be sober. He never said that his dad was a mechanic or anything, he just... knew how to drive."
Sharon Kubicek, a member of Kemmerer's squad


"Mick's a tough to guy to get to, ya know, open up. You've gotta get to know him before he'll start talking. But I'll say this- getting to know Mick has left me a better man."
Derrick Spence, a close friend of Kemmerer and a fellow Helljumper

Kemmerer was often verbose and loud with the members of his squad, but made sure to let them know he was not as angry at them as he was at their actions.


"It's a goddam robot dinosaur with artillery on its back. Are you freakin' serious?" -Kemmerer, after seeing the SD Bipedal Artillery Walker in battle

"Aren't you sort of, you know, curious about what it'd have been like if you weren't a Spartan? Or what your life was like before it?" -Kemmerer, speaking to Logan-G081