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Miister of Elegance
Biographical information

High Charity

Date of birth


Date of death

2552 (Invasion of Sanghelios)

Physical description



San 'Shyuum




Plasma Pistol


Gravity Throne


Gravity Thrown

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Chronological and political information

Great War



Notable Events

Led a Loyalist occupation of Sangheilios





Early Life

The Minister of Elegance was born to the High Prophetess of Obligation, sometime in 2524. He had two other brothers, and was the largest of the three. During his time growing up, Elegance began to show a dievous cunning, and when the current Minister of Elegance (the former Prophetess of Obligation, his mother) was assassinated by an unknown party in 2550, he promptly rose to power, creating rumors of foul play.

Minister of Elegance

As the Minister of Elegance, Elegance had several duties to perform, chiefly organzing affairs to cater to the Prophet of Truth's schedule. Sometime in 2552, truth informed Elegance of the Great Schism to come, and offered him a part in the new order. Elegance eagerly accepted, and when the Schism occured, he led a Jiralhanae fleet to the Sangheili home planet to lay siege to it. As the two fleets of the two sides battled in orbit, Elegance descended to the surface of the planet, where he directed the assault and preached to those on the front of the rightnoussness of their campaign. After some time, his superior number of forces and better tactics paid off, and the planet was conquered aside from a small mountain where the Sangheili took refuge. Elegance directed his troops to surround the hill in preparation for a grand final assault, but before the order could be given, the Sangheili launched a plan of their own. SPARTAN-144, who had crashed on the planet earlier in the struggle, made his way into the former palace of a wealthy Sangheili merchant, which Elegance had converted into his palace. The SPARTAN-II assassinated Elegance while he was unprotected by guards, then fled as the Sangheili commenced their assault.

After Death

After Elegance's death, the Brutes, devoid of leadership, were easy slaughter for the Sangheili. Without anyone to direct them, they could not hold the line at the mountain against a Sangheili armored infantry assault, and within only 13 days the entire planet had been retaken. All Loyalist forces were either killed in combat or executed afterwards.

Personality and Traits

Elegance was devoid of compassion, and was incredibly ruthless. He killed his mother to advance to his station, and never showed mercy to anyone under his jurisdiction. During the attack on the Sangheili homeworld, he planned to exterminate all Sangheili alive.