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Miracle-Class Super Carrier
Production information

Super Carrier



Technical specifications

1900 Meters long


350 meters(at widest point)


420 meters (at highest point)

Slipspace Drive



Weak Generator


Grade-A titanium

  • 3 MAC Guns
  • 140 Point Defense cannons
  • 30 Heavy Cannons
  • 80 Archer Pods
  • Weapons of Docked frigates and destroyers
  • 40 Longswords
  • 20 Shortswords
  • 6000 Marines
  • 1200 Warthogs (different types)
  • 400 Scorpions
  • 80 Pelicans
  • 10 Albatrosses
  • 300 ODST's


Minimum crew


Year introduced



Carrier, Assault, Mobile Dock


Post War Era




The Miracle-class super carrier is a UNSCDF naval ship.


The Miracle-class super carrier was first designed in 2534, and the original ship, UNSC Miracle, was constructed and finished as a prototype, by 2540. However, the construction of more was postponed due the lack of money the UNSC had at the time, and the potential waste of materials which could be used to build smaller, much more useful starships, in less time. The original ship was also lacking in its weapons and capacities, as the UNSC had no use for it at the time, and the weapons were not all fitted due to the funding.

In 2558, construction began on the first few Miracle-Super Carriers since the Human-Covenant War, and by the end of 2562, they were finished. They are also treated as repair and refit stations, and orbital docks, using their many docking areas.

Features and Complement

There are many features found on Miracle-class super carriers that are almost impossible to find on any other ship.

  • Docking- Miracle's have special areas on the ship for docking smaller ships. There are four spaces on top, for frigates and destroyers, two near the front on the bottom for frigates, and a massive docking area for a single marathon-class cruiser, which fits into the back of the ship, with room to spare, making the Miracle's like mobile docks.
  • Weapons- All Miracle-class super carriers have three MAC guns, 140 point defense autocannons and 80 archer pods, but some are also given 30 heavy cannons, to deal with enemy starships at close range.
  • Complement- Carries 40 Longswords and 20 Shortswords, 1,200 warthogs of different classes, approximately 6,000 marines and 300 ODST's, up to 80 pelicans and 400 scorpion tanks, and sometimes 10 albatrosses.


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