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"Violence is our only friend. Death is our only creed."
Morassik Saulosian
Biological information

Saulos (Krinark Mountain Range)


Saulosian Language

Physical description
Average Height

4 - 5 Meters

Average Weight

5.4 - 6.8 Metric Tons

Skin Colour


Eye Colour


Average Lifespan


  • Two Forked "Tongues"
  • Larger Body Structure
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Agression & Stamina
Military and Political information

Saulosian Directorate

Notable Individuals

Jasta Yuraik, Hestf Rimait

Other Names

Space Rex, Dragoons

Unknown Soldier 1: "Ummmm. What would you compare a Morassik Saulosian to?"
Unknown Soldier 2: "A damn Tyrannosaurus Rex!! Have you seen the size of that thing! Now give it a gun and we're in some deep shit here!"
―Two UNSC Soldiers discussing a Morassik Saulosian

The Morassik Saulosians, (MorassikSaulosian) (Latin name Silex Lingua Tritanis, Meaning: Sharp Tongue Titan) are a subspecies of the Saulosians.

Biology and Appearance

Society and Culture


Language and Names






Morassik Saulosians originated from Saulos, in the Gedessa System on an uknown part of the Galaxy. Morassik Saulosians are said to be the descendants of Hikarg Saulosians Tribe, that emigrated in 64,000 B.C. to the Krinark Mountains, a large mountain chain in the Northern Hemisphere of the Planet, due to their home being destroyed by one of the many Saulos volcanoes. Krinark cold climate and harsh conditions forced the Saulosians into a fight for survival, but also made new generations stronger and more resilient. By 30,000 B.C., Morassik Saulosians had become one of the largest supspecies in the planet.

Strangely, no document indicates any Morassik Saulosians history until the 2,200 B.C. It has been speculated that a large cataclysm happened to the Morassik between 30,000 B.C. and 2,200 B.C. leaving the Morassik on the border of extinction, that it took thousands of years for population to restore and that all history of that years was destroyed.




  • Morassik Saulosians were often compared to the Tyrannosaurus Rex Species, of the Tyrannosaurus Genus found in Prehistoric Earth due to their sheer size and weight. However, rather than have comically small arms, they possessed arms appropriate for their size. A fact everyone commented on and expressed extreme chagrin for.

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