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Terminal This article, Morheka-Mopada Conflict, was written by Morhek. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Second Exodus of the Faithful

Morheka-Mopada Conflict(the "Morhekan Wars", "Mopadan Wars", "War of the West",)

392 C.E.




Western Kaaran, Ketesh


Long-term stalemate

Major battles:
  • Morhekan Occupation
  • The

Sovereign-State of Morheka

Mopadan Confederacy


While this conflict pales in comparison to the war between the Forerunners and the Flood, spanning more than a hundred millenia, the Morheka-Mopada Conflict is one of the longest continuous states of hostility in comparatively recent galactic history. Initiated in 392 C.E. by the Mopadan Confederacy, invading the Sovereign-State of Morheka, the conflict has encompassed numerous significant flare-ups that have played a major role in continental social, cultural, technological and scientific progress, almost single-handedly jump-starting the Kaaranese Industrial Revolution. The last hostilities were in the early 22nd Century, just prior to contact with the Covenant, and today relations between the two superpowers remain cordial, if frosty. No state of peace was ever declared, and officially the two nations consider themselves to be in a permanent state of war, and keep themselves armed as such. During recent history, they have even managed to find common ground - Morhekan legions drove Covenant occupation forces from northern Mopada, while the Mopadan representative to the League of Unified Kaaranese Nations and their voting bloc approved the ascension of Qur'a 'Morhek as Head of the League, the first sitting Morhekan Autocrat to be approved with no Mopadan objection.







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