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The Multi-Purpose Plasma Tool is a piece of USR equipment used for combat engineering purposes and other basic field repair and demolition operations.


The MPPT is a multi-functional tool, nearly invaluable to USR engineers and sappers thanks to its broad range of applications and uses. Capable of earth boring, road scarring, mine ploughing, cutting and drilling, it is a "jack-of-all-trades" tool useful not only for construction, but also for destruction.

Using a powerful but short ranged jet of plasma in a variety differently focused beams, the MPPT's operator can adjust the beam's heat and power for a variety of tasks, and can utilize a small gravity-field projector to manipulate nearby objects for delicate or brute-force tasks alike.

UNSC Remarks

"Apparently this thing can double as a weapon. Saw some crazy sapper shootin' plasma through Bravo Kilos chests. Melted the meat like wax."

"Tank armor doesn't even phase this thing. Two guys with the cutters took down an entire convoy of Wraiths."


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