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Team 3, Group Five, Naval Special Warfare Division
Unit Background
  • Shock Operations


Unit Motto

"Offensus , Reverentia , Iuguolo"

Current Commander


Current Status


"Alrighty boys and girls, ya ready for this?"
―Aksel-113 to his squad moments before an orbital drop onto a covenant carrier[src]

NAVSPECWAR Group 5/Team 3, Candidly referred to as "Gentry Team", was a Special Warfare Group composed of SPARTAN-II personnel, and eventually SPARTAN-III Alpha, and Beta candidates. All members are currently KIA. The group name was posthumously retired in 2554.

Operational Overview


Battle of Yggdrasil


In 2549 Gentry Team was assembled by CODENAME:CANDLEMAKER, it was comprised of eight recruits: three Alpha Company Headhunters, two Beta company washouts, two Beta-5 Security Operators, and a single Spartan-II veteran.

In 2552 Gentry was temporarily stationed on the planet Yggdrasil to investigate, and assist with a sting against insurrectionist cells attempting to operate out of the planet. A mere three days after the completion of this task the planet was attacked by the covenant. The battle lasted for a painful and surprising six months before they were fended off by reserve UNSC vessels that had been redeployed to Yggdrasil. During the events of this battle all members of Team 3 were killed in action. Confusion still arises as to why there was a covenant attack group located here while the invasion of Reach was in full swing. The current accepted theory is that it was actually an expeditionary force, re-purposed for the attack on Reach, that seemed to have splintered off from the main fleet and ended up near Yggdrasil. The true reasoning may never be known for certain.

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