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Halo 3 ODST- Blazin'

Chief Petty Officer Fields of Green Troop conducts a recovery mission.

Naval Special Warfare Group 5

United Nations Space Command


United Nations Space Command Navy


Varied Special Operations Unit

  • Deep Reconnaisance
  • EVA Operations
  • Sabotage Raids
  • Data Retrieval
  • Vertical Assault


Part of

Naval Special Warfare




By Strength and Guile


Naval Special Warfare Group 5 traces its roots to the famed Special Boat Service of the British military. This unit follows the same ideologies and serves the same role as the SBS except on an expanded scale. Missions that are normally assigned to members of NSWG 5 include target recovery, assassination/sabotage, hostage rescue, and long-range reconnaissance. The unit is divided into 2 squadrons, Alpha and Delta, each of which are divided into 2 troops given a color code. Each troop has a specializes in a different area. The unit is held in high-regard, especially by the British Crown and Lord Terrence Hood. In fact, the Commanding and Executive Officers of the regiment both have knighthoods. Colonel Shepard, the current CO, reports directly to HIGHCOM due to the nature of his command. The NSWG 5 is often sent as support to Spartan-III teams, which has led to the members being affectionately nicknamed "Sidekicks" by the Spartan community. Due to the fact that the NSWG 5 works with Spartans so often, they hold them in a much higher regard than other ODST and Special Forces units.


Alpha Squadron

Composed of Red and Gold Troops and is often without support in operating conditions. Alpha has a dedicated ONI Prowler called the "UNSC Umbra Mortis".

Red Troop

Red Troop specializes in the use of Long Range Stealth Orbital Insertion Pods. Red Troop members are frequently sent on deep reconnaissance/assassination and sabotage strikes against planetary targets.

Gold Troop

Gold Troop specializes in Extra-Vehicular Activity and is trained to operate in zero-gravity, vacuums, and on board ships. Gold Troop is normally sent on boarding actions and sabotage strikes against orbital and star-side targets.

UNSC Umbra Mortis

The Umbra Mortis translates into "Shadow of Death" in Latin. It is the dedicated solely to the purpose of supporting Alpha Squadron on missions. It is one of the few ships capable of field LRS Orbital Insertion Pods, used by Red Troop, and also an EVA pressurization module, for use by Gold Troop.

Delta Squadron

Composed of Blue and Green Troops and is closely tied with S1. Delta has a dedicated Pelican squadron, HSM-71 "Shadow Gyrs".

Green Troop

Green Troop specializes in Intelligence Recovery and Signal hacking. This troop is usually assigned by the Office of Naval Intelligence to Data Retrieval and SIGINT gathering missions.

Blue Troop

Blue Troop specializes in the use of jetpacks and climbing equipment. Blue Troop is sent on assault/capture missions in mountainous or urban terrain that involve vertical combat and high - altitude firefights.

HSM-71 "Shadow Gyrs"

The "Shadow Gyrs" fly heavily modified DCC-77i "Pelican" dropships in support of Green and Blue Troop on Special Operations missions. The pelicans flown by this unit have many stealth and electronic countermeasures, a jetpack storage system for blue troop, an electronic data receiver, and a personal "Cloud" storage per aircraft for Green Troop.

  • 151px-448px-HaloReach_-_MarineUniform.jpg

Red Troop Members on a scouting mission in enemy territory.

  • 160px-Reach_1840061_Full.jpg

Blue Troop commandos use jetpacks to ascend a tower captured by Covenant forces.

Recruitment and Selection

Members of the NAVSPECWAR 5 are normally drawn from the ranks of the ODSTs, EVA Troops, Mechanized Infantry, and Combat Engineers. Enlisted candidates must have at least 2 years of active duty service and rank between an E-3 and E-6. Officer candidates must either be an O-2 or an O-3. About 270 candidates attempt Selection every year, of that number, only about 8% are assigned to a troop. First the candidates must complete several physical, mental, and psychological tests. The physical and mental tests must be passed. The psych tests are used with data profiles and experience to assign the candidate to a troop. Each of the 4 troops has a rigorous series of unique tests. Ultimately, the final decision of pass or fail comes down to the Troop's CO and SEA. Once accepted to a troop, the specific individual is demoted to Trooper or Officer ( but retains the level of pay) for 6 months. Once that period is completed, his/her rank is restored.


  • The official uniform patch of the 5th NSWG. It is identical to the patch once used by Special Boat Service Commandos.

Key Members


  • Captain Adrian Shepard OBE - Commanding Officer
  • Commander Jai Shetty MBE - Executive Officer
  • Master Chief Petty Officer Luke Irwin - Senior Enlisted Adviser

Alpha Squadron

  • Commander Gaje Thapa - Squadron Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Alexander Ford - Red Troop Commanding Officer/Squadron Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Lance Feathers - Gold Troop Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Catherine Willset - UNSC Umbra Mortis Commanding Officer
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Lee Garrison - Squadron Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Taylor MacConnel - Red Troop Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Santiago Chavez - Gold Troop Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Hamsa El Fulani - UNSC Umbra Mortis Senior Enlisted Adviser

Delta Squadron

  • Commander Samuel Griffon - Squadron Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Danielle Coker - Green Troop Commanding Officer/Squadron Executive Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Xavier Chang - Blue Troop Commanding Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Kopano Obuta - HSM-71 Commanding Officer
  • Senior Chief Petty Officer Roy Armstrong - Squadron Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Louis Fields - Green Troop Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Mikhail Romanov - Blue Troop Senior Enlisted Adviser
  • Chief Petty Officer Sandra Ravenheim - HSM-71 Senior Enlisted Adviser

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