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"I've seen them, in the darkness, hiding between the stars. Hundreds, thousands of ships, a fleet of gibbering dead and machine. Repent! Repent now! Absolve your sins! When they come it will be to late! They will descend on this galaxy and strip it clean of all life. Nothing can stop them, they feed on the dead, swell their ranks from our own casualties, you have no chance! Ghosts of a hundred thousand years ago are coming to feed on this galaxy. Nothing will stop them, not the UNSC, not the Sangheili. Nothing will save us now."
Ajax-013 upon being found in the hulk of the UNSC Aeolus

The Necros are a Tier 1 race that consists, for the most part, of drone cyborgs. They were first encountered in 2615 when they started the devastating Necros War



Necros War


Command Structure

Armed Forces


Mechanized Infantry

Naval Forces


  • [1] (the video is quite epic at seven minutes so give it some time to load ;])


  • "Necros" is a Greek word for "the dead"
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