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Despite daring victory after victory by the AUR factions, the Necros grow closer to bringing their plan to frutition. They have followed a breadcrumb trail of clues, leading them straight to The Crucible. This relic, outdating the Forerunners themselves, holds the power to destroy the AUR factions in one fell swoop. In one last desperate attempt to halt the war, the AUR charges forth, straight into the jaws of defeat.

Necros Era Stories

Great War Era (2525-2553)

Chaos Era (2553-2561)

Interbellum Era (2561-2585)

Titans Rising Era (2585-2612)

Necros Era (2612-)

Necros:Darkness Rising | Necros:Darkest Hour | Necros:Turning Point | Necros:The Return | Necros:Absolution | Necros:Redemption


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