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(Volitare mens)

Mhellos β (Natural satellite of gas giant Mhellos)

Average height


Skin Color

Violet with yellow streaks

Average lifespan

40 Earth years

Spoken Languages
  • Neosep "humming" language
  • Globalization Era
  • Colonial and Insurrection Era
  • The Great War Era
  • Post-war Era
  • Unique bodily form

The Neosep (Taxonomically Volitare mens; dubbed Floaters by humans) are a unique, unclassified sentient race. Upon their initial discovery by humans, they were a Tier 6 race. They were recruited into the Interstellar Union in order to protect them from the two aggressive races surrounding them, the raaif and the gwam'l. They had been identified as a rather peaceful race, although direct communication between them and any other non-neosep was impossible without the intervention of diaphilim.

Although they reapt its benefits, they did not actively contribute to the Interstellar Union. This is accepted, as they are primitive, fragile, and not skilled with advanced technologies,

Biology and physiology

Most scientist agreed that the neosep had featured a highly unusual biology and physiology, far more unique than that of other known races. For instance, they couldn't be classified into any pre-existing family in the Animalia kingdom. Even so, no other similar species were existent on their homeworld at the time. Neosep floated in mid-air using two sacs filled with methane gas. They had long fingers that they had used to manipulate objects such as spears and create formations on the ground. They lived in small tribes and hunted the other creatures on their homeworld. They were cold-blooded, and required warm temperatures in order to survive. They also required estivation during their world's short winter season.