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Rear Admiral Neville Meyers
Biographical information


Date of birth

January 30th, 2569

Date of death

</Heros Never Die>

Physical description

Admiral in the UNSC Navy






Ornamental Model 2511 Pistol


UNSC Essex

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Eye color



Nerual Implants

Chronological and political information

Post Human-Covenant War; Nercos War

Notable Facts



Admiral Neville Meyers was a Admiral in the UNSC Navy during the Necros War. He commanded the Battlegroup Essex from his ship, the UNSC Essex.

Early life

Neville Meyers was born on Earth on the 30th of January, 2569, to a family of Swedish decent. His father, Commander James Meyers was a hero of the Battle of Earth, as he saved his Cruiser from certain destruction by overriding a terminal and sending his Cruiser into a randomized slipspace jump for repairs. Neville's life growing up was average, although Neville always wanted to be like his dad; a hero. When Neville was 12, he joined the Naval Cadets, which was much like the 20th and 21st century Civil Air Patrol, and learned the basics to navigate in space. Once Neville turned 17 and graduated High School with a 3.85 Grade Point Average, he was accepted into the Luna Naval Academy.


Naval Academy

Neville went through the Naval Academy and was found to be gifted in tactical maneuvers in zero gee, an exemplary shot with a small-arm, and an outstanding Navigator. He graduated as the Salutatorian in the Graduating class of 2590, earning him a commission as a Navy Lieutenant (junior grade).

Commissioned Naval Career

He was assigned to the UNSC Frigate Walker and served on board as the Navigator, until his promotion to Lieutenant in 2593. He then moved on to other UNSC vessels, until he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander in July 2596. Meyers was given command of the Frigate UNSC Killjoy in Febuary 2596, and was attached to the 17th Frigate Flotilla. Later that year, the Commander of the Flotilla died of an Heart Attack, and Meyers, as ranking Lieutenant Commander, was given command of the Flotilla, for various reasons of seniority and refusal to take command from other ship commanders. Meyers took command and led his Flotilla, finding the damaged and drifting Human-Covenant War Light Cruiser UNSC Las Vegas, towing a crippled Frigate, the Newfoundland. A pair of ships from Flotilla latched onto the damaged ships, and jumped back to Earth with them, saving almost all of the crew. Upon his return, he was given a promotion to Commander, and rotated off the Killjoy, and onto a UNSC Destroyer, the UNSC Rapture.