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New Quebec
General Information





Gamma Orionis

Orbital Characteristics
Apastron Distance

183,130,193 km

Periastron Distance

170,411,731 km

Orbital Circumference

2.3 billion km

Orbital Period

27.31 Standard Hours

Sidereal Period

373 Days



Physical Characteristics
Land Area


Water Area



6.4124 x 1024

Equatorial Surface Gravity

1.16 g

Axial Tilt

2 degrees



The long days and massive star both combine to heat New Quebec very well, and have thus given it a climate similar to Earth, but with some important differences.

The climate on New Quebec consists of only three seasons: Summer, fall, and spring. This is a direct result of the axial tilt of the planet, which prevents to much heat from being expelled at once. The only places where there is winter is at the poles.

Storms are frequent and there is a lot of rain, again due to the warm conditions. As three-quarters of New Quebec is covered in water, there is an ample supply of the liquid. While most of the rain does fall back in the ocean, the sheer amount that does fall on the single continent is staggering.


Life is abundant on New Quebec, particularly in the ocean.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Species of New Quebec -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Avian Species
Species Length Wing Length Coloration Classification
Red Pheasant ~.6 meters ~.8 meters Crimson Prey
Land Mammals
Species Length Height Coloration Classification
Tusk Dog ~1.1 meters ~.6 meters Mottled Brown and gray Predator
Oceanic Life
Species Length Width Coloration Classification
Harp Seal (Phoca groenlandica)(Integrated) 1.6 - 1.9 meters ~.5 meters Seasonal Prey



The first colony on New Quebec was the Spartan III Delta Company camp. The second was a Covenant Separatist camp, occupied my mostly Sangheili warriors and some Huragok.

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