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Nintendo-Microsoft Electronics
Organizational information
  • Sony Entertainment
  • Atari
  • Bungie Studios
  • Fuji
  • Kodak
Primary role(s)

Electronic products development and production

Chronological and political information

Interplanetary War, Human-Covenant War, Necros War




One of the lead producers of electronic equipment for the UNSC, Nintendo-Microsoft's roots date far back, all the way to the late 20th century.

A joint corporation created when the Japan-based Nintendo bought out the American-based Microsoft as well as several other companies in 2078 during the Post-WW3 era, both of the major companies had long histories already: the Nintendo Corporation originated as a card and board game manufacturer in Japan, then moved into the video game industry in its' infant years via the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES); it went on to be one of the only three producers of video game systems by the start of the 21st century. Microsoft, founded by revolutionary Bill Gates in the USA, long held the market as the best producer of computers, and moved into the gaming industry in 2001 with the Xbox and the revolutionary FPS Judgement; it was the second of the three system producers of the 21st century, alongside Nintendo and electronics mega-corporation Sony Entertainment, who had already had experience with games for a few years.

After the massive destruction of World War Three and the smaller, internal wars that took place concurrently, most of the world's industries were devastated, but the hardest hit were electronic corporations. For a time, the "Big Three" of electronics were in a relative stalemate in technology and profits, with Sony or Microsoft occasionally pulling ahead through deals to sell the military. In mid-2077, however, Nintendo recovered, soaring ahead of Sony and Microsoft till at last, in winter 2078, Nintendo bought out Sony, Microsoft, their subordinates, and various other electronics companies such as Atari, Kodak, Fuji and the famous Bungie Studios.

Nintendo-Microsoft's products have since been expanded from just video games to all forms of electronic software, ranging from computers, cameras, televisions, cell phones and other things. Many times they will create training programs for new military vehicles or equipment to be used by the military: a prime example was with the introduction of the Dragon and Wolf walkers, for which Nintendo-Microsoft produced highly acclaimed training programs, usually able to teach Marines the basics of manning the difficult machines in two to three weeks.

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