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A painting of the Nobevli race by famous painter, Jacques Redwood
Biological information




Physical description
Average Height

2-3 meters

Skin Colour

Varies, usually white, gray, orange

Eye Colour

Bright Green and Blue

Average Lifespan

125-210 years


Prehensile tails

Military and Political information

Saulosian Directorate

Other Names
  • Dog Soldiers
  • Dog-Men
  • Wolf-Men
Unknown Soldier 1: "If the Nobevli abhor violence and are pacifistic by nature, why do you fight the Humans?"
Captured Nobevli Soldier: "It is not by our choice Human. What is done, is according to the Master's will."
―A Captured Nobevli being questioned by a Human

The Nobevli (Fidelis Lupus, literally meaning Loyal Wolf) were a peaceful and docile race of warm-blooded sentient canids largely known for their regular abhorrence for violence, creative ingenuity, and fierce loyalty to those who earned their trust. Deriving their name from their homeworld, Nobel, the Nobevli were somewhat affectionately referred to as Dog Soldiers, Dog-Men, and Wolf-Men during their appearance in The Saulosian Campaign due to their strikingly resemblance to Humanity's beloved lifelong companion, the Dog.

They had managed to achieve borderline Tier 3 status without outside intervention such as the Forerunner before being conquered and absorbed into the Saulosian Directorate.

Biology and Appearance

The Nobevli were a peaceful and community-based species of bipedal canids that developed and evolved on Nobel, the only inhabitable planet found in the Mav System. In terms of location, the Nobevli were found in the western part of the Scrutum-Centaurus Arm.


Society and Culture


Kinship, Marriage, and Family

Language and Names

Religion and Beliefs





For any type of monetary transaction, the Nobevli were forced by the Directorate to utilize the "universal" Directorate Standard in an attempt for economic stability within the Scrutum-Centaurus Arm. Since its formation, Directorate Standard was primarily backed by the immense wealth incurred by Saulos and their Mining Worlds, and was regularly regulated by the Directorate Banking Group.

Before the adoption of the Directorate Standard, the Nobevli originally practiced a "xxxxx", where they traded one service for another, and vice versa. They also believed in the concept of generalized


Beginnings (??,??? B.C)

Xeno Contact & Integration

The Saulosian Campaign (2595 — 26xx)

Great Nobevli Rebellion




  • The Nobevli were regularly referred to as Dog Soldiers by the United Nations Space Command.
  • The Nobevli additionally had three subspecies. However, during their integration into the Saulosian Directorate, one of the subspecies were completely exterminated by the Saulosians. It was generally believed that the "lost" subspecies had survived and secretly reside on one of Nobel's moons.

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