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Noree Ritoree
Biographical information


Date of birth


Date of death


Physical description

Special Operations Commander








Needle Rifle, Plasma Repeater, Beam Rifle, and Energy Sword


Assault Harness, Personal Energy Shields, Active Camouflage, and Thruster Pack.

Eye color


Chronological and political information

2nd Galactic War, Intergalactic.

Notable Events

Fought off Flood with Yihdoree on Tropist.


Covenant Separatists, New Covenant.

"I'm Noree 'Ritoree,The Blood Star!


―Noree after fighting off thousands of soldiers with Yihdoree.

Noree is Yihdoree's wingman and his second in command.


Early Life

Noree Ritoree (also known as the Blood Star to New Covenant troops) was born after Human-Covenant War, Noree took in Yihdoree after the Ritoree estate was destroyed by Covenant Loyalist. He joined the UNSC and Covenant Seperatist to fight against Bartrus, the Prophet of Rebirth and the other Covenant Loyalist. His father and mother left him in charge of a sub camp, he was angered and has always hated them for it.

The Resurrection

Noree didn't know about Flood on his first mission but he saw images as he was being taken to the brig. When Yihdoree saved him and they encountered a Proto-Type Gravemind and killed it, when they got back to Infernous he was promoted to Spec Ops Commander.

Conquest of Installation 01

Battle Over Installation 01

Noree was the commander of the New Covenant Corvette, Invisible Wind. He was sent by Thel 'Vadam, and Rtas 'Vadum to assist Yihdoree's assault on he the ring.

The Cartographer and the Forerunner's Return.

Noree made sure that the COF forces didn't get into the Cartographer so they couldn't find the the Flood Research Facility, Noree killed hundreds of enemies during the defense. But only hours later did he have to blowup the Cartographer, and have to regroup with Yihdoree.


Noree has a terrible temper, but has learned to keep it under control, he only backs down from a fight when he knows there's a smarter way to win. He is very fond of the Thruster Pack and using it to rush enemies with his sword Living Plague.


"The Blood Star never dies out!"

-Noree fighting two Brute Demolishers.