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ONI Special Operations and Reconnaissance Division (abbreviated ONI Spec Ops/Recon Division or ONI SORD) is a classified intelligence asset of ONI Section 1. The program recruits randomized United Nations Space Command Defense Forces operatives of any non-commissioned officer rank or higher, and commissions them to secretively provide them with any important information in which they may extract from their enemies. The program also has been known to have ties with entire military programs such as that of the CARNWENNAN marines.

This sub-division was formed prior to the Human-Covenant War, however, the Covenant empire had remained it's primary focus since first contact. It is known that many of this projects operatives were stationed within the ONI Gamma-Seven Intelligence Terminal, up to the start of the Loss of Hope, a battle in which many of this projects employees have been reported either KIA or MIA.

As of 2573, the establishment had an exclusive MJOLNIR Mark VII "SORD" variant designed for their Spartan-IV operators whom previously served as CARNWENNANs.