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Production information

Reyes-McLees Shipyards





Technical specifications

3020 metres


850 metres


278 metres

Engine unit(s)

Plasma Fusion Drive

Slipspace Drive

Shaw Fukikawa model 52

Slipspace velocity

912 light years per day


Grade 8 shield

  • Laminated shell
  • Layers of titanium
  • Layers of AEGIS
  • Thermal energy absorbing layers
  • Kinetic absorbing layers
  • Aero gel layer
    • 34 metres of armour
Sensor systems
  • AN/SPY-9 PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
  • AN/SPY-7 PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
  • AN/SSS-19 SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SSS-19 REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
  • AN/SVS-68 Optical Telescope
  • AN/SAS-67 Infra-red Telescope
  • AN/SSQ-23 Sensor Network
Targeting systems

Multispectrum Optical AI assisted camera network

Navigation system

AI assisted Slipspace 'MAZE' directional router

  • AI/Manual driven computer supported pilot systems

AI Assisted ADIS

  • MASER communications dish
  • Slipspace LASER communication system
  • War Net Integrated computer
  • 10 Squadrons of Katanas (12 vehicles per squadron/120 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Wakizashis (4 vehicles per squadron/16 vehicles)
  • 8 Squadrons of Sabres (12 vehicles per squadron/96 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Claymores (10 vehicles per squadron/40 vehicles)
  • 8 Squadrons of Broadswords (10 vehicles per squadron/80 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Spears (4 vehicles per squadron/16 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Shortswords (4 vehicles per squadron/16 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Bokkens (2 vehicles per squadron/8 vehicles)
  • 2 Squadron of Xiphos' (2 vehicles per squadron/2 vehicles)
  • 4 Squadrons of Knightswords (2 vehicles per squadron/8 vehicles)
  • 6 Squadrons of Warlords (10 vehicles per squadron/60 vehicles)
  • 2 Squadrons of Perceptors (3 vehicles per squadron/6 vehicles)
  • 1 Marine Expeditionary Brigade
  • 1 Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Expeditionary Unit

Fleet carrier, planetary assault ship


Necros War


United Nations Space Command


"The Brutes were pressing hard, forcing us back, we thought they had us, that's when something eclipsed the sun above us. A few minutes later, orange streaks rained down, blasting the charlie foxtrots to hell."
―Anonymous Marine

The Odin-class Carrier was powerful UNSC carrier designed not only for dominating space battlefields with waves of ships but also launching planetary assaults. It kept many of the same features of the older carriers but incorporated new features, such as 'drop tubes' for Pelicans and Albatrosses, dropping them straight into planetary descents or into low orbits. This allowed them to more safely exit the ship and get to the drop zones. It also featured HOPE Launchers for dropping ODSTs. The ship was also designed for operation in gravitational fields, allowing it to drop troops right into combat and provide artillery coverage.

UNSC Comments

"I hate those drop tubes, they feel just like the old HEV tubes. But your in a dropship..."

"Seeing one of these things floating overhead feels like the best thing in the world. Nothing can possibly touch you now."

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  • UNSC Leningrad
  • UNSC Bombard
  • UNSC Monitor
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  • UNSC Combine
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  • UNSC Nighthawk
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