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UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence
Unit Background

Intelligence Agency



Unit Motto

In God we trust; all others we monitor.

Current Commander

Admiral Walter Phillips

Subordinate Units
  • Section Zero
  • Section One
  • Section Two
  • Section Three
    • Alpha Quadrant
    • Beta Quadrant
    • Gamma Quadrant
    • Delta Quadrant
  • Prowler Corps
Current Status




The Office of Naval Intelligence is divided in to four different sections.

Section Zero

Section Zero deals with internal security and oversight of the other three sections of ONI. They also hold secret the most classified and sensitive information in existence, including information on the ORION Project and Section Three's extremely secretive Alpha-9 Division.

Section One

Section One's primary service is passive intelligence gathering for UNSC Navy fleet operations and deployment. They also issue evacuation and blackout notices.

Section Two

Section Two handles communication between colonies and is responsible for propaganda. They were the ones who decided to release information pertaining to the SPARTAN-II and -III Projects.

Section Three

Section Three handles ONI's secret projects, such as the creation of the 9th generation AIs, the SPARTAN projects, and its top-secret Alpha-9 Division.

Alpha Quadrant

Alpha Quadrant is Section Three's intelligence division.

Alpha-1 Division

Alpha-1 deals with passive and aggressive signal detection and decryption.

Alpha-2 Division

Alpha-2 collects and analyzes data collected throughout the numerous divisions.

Alpha-3 Division
Alpha-4 Division
Alpha-5 Division
Alpha-6 Division
Alpha-7 Division
Alpha-8 Division
Alpha-9 Division

Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant is responsible for the execution of numerous secret projects.

Gamma Quadrant

Gamma Quadrant is Section Three's primary R&D section.

Delta Quadrant

Delta Quadrant deals with resource management.