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Offworld Shipping Company

November 15th, 2098—Present

Company Information
  • Interstellar shipping
  • Military logistical support (limited)
Chronological and Political Information

UNSCflag United Nations Space Command


The Offworld Shipping Company (OSC), known colloquially as Offworld Shipping, is a massive, interstellar corporation based out of Anchorage, Earth. It was founded by retired naval officer Anthony Bruening.


Formed in 2098 to aid in ferrying materials to the fledgling Martian colonies, Offworld Shipping has grown into the largest interplanetary shipping line in all of the private sector (the state-owned UNSC Commercial Fleet outgrew the company in the early twenty-third century). Additionally, Offworld has expanded into a number of other industries, ranging from maintaining massive, remote agricultural operations to participating in modest terraforming activities on remote worlds.




Behind the Scenes

  • This company is somewhat inspired by the legacy of the East India Company of old.
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