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Omega Security Forces is a private military company that conducts operations within human colonies and territories. Formed several years after the end of the Human-Covenant War, OSF was originally a small organization consisting of former United Nations Space Command and Colonial Authority military personnel who hoped to make a better living away from the recovering human government. OSF participated in the effort to rebuild humanity's colonies by providing security for both the civilian exploration teams and the colonists who followed them onto unsettled worlds. It gradually grew in size and eventually became the pre-eminent provider of military contractors throughout human space. OSF survived the Mercenary Wars by remaining aloof from the petty squabbles and internal conflicts that consumed its less-reputable competitors, and at present it holds a veritable monopoly on the PMC market. OSF maintains an active security force of over 70,000 military contractors and is able to arm and equip them with the best weapons and vehicles available. It also has a small space fleet that contains several decommissioned UNSC naval ships and at least two repurposed Phoenix-class Colony ships, all of which are armed and outfitted to the greatest extent that UNSC laws regarding private space craft weaponry will allow. Several rumors that OSF has accepted contracts from criminal organizations have circulated, but OSF's public relations board maintains that these claims are groundless.