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Operation Gladius
Armada (Covie)F


Post Great War


May 19 2555


High Transcendence


UNSC/Separatist Victory (Pyrrhic)



Covenant Loyalist


Fleet Admiral Saul Kotor

Unknown Minor Prophet


(855 ships in all)

867 ships of the Combined Fleet of Glorious Victory

  • 300 legion (9,000,000 brutes, grunts, drones, etc
  • 2/3 of the fleet
  • 1/2 of the troops
  • Escape of 23 ship
  • Total annihilation of the troops

Last stand

The remaining Loyalist force are massing near The Holy city of Hight Transcendence. Trying to converge in the sol system and finally retake earth in hope to activate for a second time halos rings. The UNSC heard about this project and send a invitation to there new ally, the Elite, to finally crunch the remaining of the covenant Empire. In May 19 2555 the largest military convoy ever see in booth side made is way to the last infernous battle ever fight, the last stand as come...


The objective of this mission was to blow up the holy city and destroyed the loyalist. Thus some of the UNSC ship carried some nova bombs. The plan was simple infiltrate the city wap out there leader and destroyed the city. This mission was given to the 1st Assault Army who was help by the second Sangheilian army.